Modern LCD Arcade Cabinet Opinions,Pro&Cons


I am thinking of getting a pair of


Modern LCD arcade cabinet - Cabinets Only - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress

or this:

Arcade LCD Cabinet - Cabinets Only - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress

but i haven’t heard or seen much of this cabs in the US. The price compare to the Vewlix, Delta or Namco cabs is a lot and I am not huge on brand names any way, as long as they do the job right I’m happy. I’m planning to throw a Taito Type X2 in there.
Also the specifications on the website are kind of vague, does anybody know where I can find a little more detailed ones.

shipping will be $700 for both cabs all charges included which I think is reasonable.

Any opinions or suggestions?


I like how the one cab has a SF marquee and tekken on screen haha!


Did I post this on the right forum?


I’ve played on the second one, at least on the SFIV setup on the local arcade that used that cab. The JLFs were mounted at the wrong height.


You should start a group for “container orders, per unit freight cost becomes approx $150-250usd”. Im very serious, but im from canada. I dont know if we can do something together and share the price of the container? I want to buy one Modern LCD arcade too.

PM me. if you got any good idea.


I’ve never personally played on either one.

Without knowing what monitors they use, it’s hard to tell you much.


your comment helps me a lot since for some reason I thought option 2 wouldn’t run taito x2 games. I’m pretty sure I can adjust the height on the sticks thanks.

Thanks for the offer but I’m planning to order next week and $350 each is not bad, honestly I’m really just waiting to hear a few more comment from people here.

I’m leaning more towards option 1 at the moment, don’t know why but it just feels better (that’s what she said) but option’s 2 price is just too good to decide.

Please keep your opinions coming, and would you guys like me to keep you posted on the status of the whole process?


Any body?


Is that first one a Vewlix clone?

I think the 2nd one is a HD Noir cab, I am not sure.

My NEW CAB Namco Noir HD (tekken 6)

I want that 2nd one kinda now, haha.

You said the sticks were mounted at the wrong height? Were they too tall or too short?


Thanks for the vids, I’m liking option 2 (HD Noir) now after that video review.


Yo man, you should take pics of whatever cab you get and post them up.

I am personally trying to save for a HD Noir myself now.

Good luck!


hey outkast, out of curiosity, how have you got your xbox connected? hdmi? vga? what inputs does the cabinet that you have got?

Also, you pad hacked a 360 controller for your cabinet, how did you go about the home button as well as the back button?


I would defiantly be aware that you may experience some lag with the monitors. I am sure the Chinese got everything structurally fine, but I would take the indication of the cab being so cheap to be in comparison to their components, the monitor being one of them.

I have to say though, these prices are really good in comparison to clones only a year ago, and for the cabinet alone I would think the price is worth it.

By the way, rock that Garou avi. Gato ftw all day every day.

Edit: This is what they are clones of, the first one looking to be a clone of clones.

Taito Viewlex L $4000 (Laggy LCD, budget version official taito product)
Taito Viewlex F $5300 (The official SF4 cab in Japan)

Namco Noir HD $5000 (Official Tekken 6 cab in Japan)

Clones of these cabs:
Viewlex Clone $1525(I can’t speak quality on these. I know people were talking about buying them and putting new monitors in them a while back…can’t say I know if this happened.)

Crappy looking Namco Clone $1560

Also, were you quoted $300 shipping for each cab? A whole container is usually like a grand or so, plus shipping to you. You are in the Golden State though, and I know how easy it is to get cabs over there. ;.; Good luck with your order man! Personally, I would go with the Namco clone, because that Viewlex really looks like a clone of a clone.


These cabs should be able to run any board that conforms to JAMMA standards.


Dang almost $1000 for shipping from that place if I am reading it right, that doubles the cost of the first 2 mentioned in this thread.


The Type X-2 is DVI/VGA. It doesn’t have a Jamma harness, though they sold converters separately if needed for older cabs.

Most likely, the clone already has a converter in there, but the inputs for the LCD itself are DVI/VGA. Go ahead and shoot coinopexpress a message asking them if this is true.


To all: thanks for all your input I’ve been reading all of your comments and I’ve ask a few questions to coinop such as:

"Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email reply. Yes, you can setup any jamma game kit with this cabinet, include Street Fighter 4."

I have decided to go with option 2 the namco clone. I placed my order and I received an invoice for $1350 that’s including all charges and shipping.

Would you guys like to see what their invoice looks like?

One thing that kinda threw me off is that they only take cash, that means I can only affort one cab now instead of 2. I wish there was a way to use my credit card.

I’ll keep you guys updated!!!


I’d really be interested in how you go, especially the screen… if it lags or if its reasonable.

Please keep us updated… 300 for shipping isn’t too bad… 1350 USD is roughly 1555 AUD… that’s very affordable.


Ill have to check, but I don’t recall much lag last time I played on this setup in the local arcade.


Ok I sent the payment via wire transfer today. It was $25.