Modesto CA Smash Tournament #3, July 18th (Super Street Fighter 4 Side Tourney)

My good friend gkinfinity over at the Smashboards has allowed me to pursue finding a tournament scene for SSF4 over in Modesto. At the moment, this will only be a side tourney to test how many people would be interested in showing up, but if the turnout is good (I’ll consider 8 entrants including myself good), we might consider having split tournies in the future.


Krier’s Cards and Comics
3900 Pelandale Avenue
Modesto, CA 95356-9103

Date and Time

Sunday, July 18th 2010
11:00AM - 7:00 PM

Schedule of Events

11:00 A.M. ? Venue opens, friendlies begin

12:00 P.M. ? Signups for Melee Singles, SSF4 Singles

1:00 P.M. ? Melee Singles, SSF4 Singles

If Melee Singles ends early enough, we will also have either Melee Doubles or Crews (which will be decided by a vote). There is no set time for the second event to begin, and it will only happen if time permits.

7:00 P.M ? Venue closes, everyone leaves

Make note of the fact that there will be no designated lunch break for the event. Eat before it starts or wait until it?s done. If you want to leave for food or some other random reason during the event, let either gkinfinity/NewtypeSEED know. We are very limited for time at this event and I will DQ people if they hold up the bracket. If you are not in the venue when I call your match you will have 5 minutes to get back before you are DQed and forfeit the match to your opponent. If you let me know that you will be out of the venue for a while I will delay your match as much as possible but will still call it if it would otherwise hold up the tourney.

Entry Fees

SSF4 Singles - $5

Venue Fee - $1 for anyone who’s playing in the tournament or friendlies. You’ve gotta pay this whether or not you actually enter the tournament.


1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

We actually only have 1 PS3 and 1 TV for SSF4. I’m not expecting a great amount of people to show up seeing how this was very last minute, so I’m sure we can get by with 1 if there’s less than 10, but if you’re able to bring a setup please do so! The last thing we want is for the tournament not to be finished because we ran out of time.

Also, bring your own controllers/sticks. I can at best provide my own TE stick and Dualshock 3.


Trying to stick to the EVO ruleset as much as possible so:

-Double Elimination
-Double Blind available on request
-Winner keeps character, loser counterpicks character if desired, winner counterpicks Ultra, loser counter picks Ultra.
-All matches including Winners Finals and Losers Finals will be Best 2 of 3, Grand Finals will be Best 3 of 5.


There is a Taco Bell and an In N Out Burger on the other side of the parking lot (probably only takes a minute or two to walk over there). There is also a Carl’s Jr nearby if for some reason you value it to be better than the other 2 options (lol). I’m not entirely sure if food is allowed in the venue but it’s probably best to just keep it outside. There is also a vending machine right inside the door, and it would be appreciated if you bought drinks. We wanna make sure that they’ll let us use the venue again, and every purchase you make there helps.

If you’d like to see the Melee ruleset, please click:Melee: Modesto CA Smash Tournament #3, July 18th - Smash World Forums

Please contact Ramil (NewtypeSEED) at (209) 401-4561 if you have any questions.