Modesto Mayhem II SSF4 Tournament - Modesto, CA - 09/05/10

Krier’s Cards and Comics
3900 Pelandale Avenue
Modesto, CA 95356-9103
(209) 522-0511?

Google Maps Link

Super Street Fighter 4
Entry Fee: $5 Tourney Fee, $1 Venue fee

Game Version: PS3

-Double Elimination
-Double Blind available on request
-Winner keeps character, loser counterpicks character if desired, winner counterpicks Ultra, loser counter picks Ultra.
-Matches will be best 2 sets of 3 with the exception of Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals which will be Best 3 of 5. During the Grand Final match, competitor coming from Losers bracket must win two 3 of 5 sets.

Very strict time limit: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Signups will start at 12, Tourney will “begin” at 2 (meaning it’ll probably be more like 2:30).

We need as many setups as possible since we only have one PS3. We have 5 TVs but they’re all SD so don’t expect anything amazing. If you can bring a setup please do so.

Questions can be directed here or you can call my cell at 209-401-4561

Sent you a text, got 2 ps3’s 2 copies of ssf4 and 2 hd monitors 22 inch and 23 inch.

hey rj is nick going to this? will he be able to give me a ride? do i need to bring my ps3?

Yeah I’m going and can give you a ride. I’ll drop RJ off at the venue first before heading over to pick you up, so i’ll probably get you around 11:30. Thanks to nubbin I won’t have to bring as many crappy CRT tvs either. You should bring your ps3 though I think, just in case.

Alright. Tell rj to bring his extra set of wires then. Since I don’t really feel like unhooking everything and also since there might not be any free hdmi capable tvs open