Modesto's boomers tourney on the 25th results

WOW… good ass tourney nice turnout 30 peeps not bad…well it ended up being
stockton vs modesto…we’ll here are the results

1st phaisle (modesto) A & C Groove
2nd K.T (stockton) A groove
3rd huang (stockton) A groove
4th mike (modesto) P groove! (wow)

i like to think all the playas who came down to play…the comp was real good a lot of close matches…a few new up and coming players pulled up some nice upsets…watch out for modesto players!!..but i’m pretty sure stockton wants a rematch…dont worry guys i’ll try try my best to get 3rd strike so we can get those tourneys started!!..and on another note this will be my last cvs2 tourny ill play in…I’m OFFICIALLY RETIRED…ive havent been into the game like i use to be…and there people talking shit behind my back i kno and hear everything…but they should kno there is way better comp out there…and anytime the so-called
"MODESTO CHAMP" wants to MONEY match i’m still HERE…cuz your head is really huge right now and needs to be deflated…i.m not pissed…all i’m saying is that we need to play as a team a (city) not divided like a gang its stupid…thats one of the reasons i stop playing…but once again thanks to all the people who came…espically josh (a.k.a jesus lol sorry man you kind of looked like him) from SAC with that crazy balrog impressive!!..I WILL THROW ANOTHER CVS2 TOURNEY SOMETIME THIS YEAR… but until then i will be in the land of TEKKEN if you want to find me…i’m gone

Besides the slanted button setup, and cab being moved outside, Modesto has some cool cats! Glad to support this event. 3s would be nice!

I PM you about this tourney, but no reply. I actually want to join but I thought there was no tourney. I live like a hour or more from modesto so I need an answer before I drive all the way up there.

PS: Hey… don’t let others bring you down. If others are cocky, let them be. Prove them wrong by getting better not quitting.

That’s what I’m saying too! HE NEEDS TO CHECK HIS PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM)!!!

hell of a tourney T, the hibiki f,b,qcf+hp super wus HELLA GAY, hit me from dam near half screen, fun as hell, u know when me and E (aka iori) get together we gonna be clownin.

Mikes P groove wus the shiet and i wus surprised when he beat lee’s geese K-groove.

T, dont let these pussys bring you down son, today after eric (aka punishere) won the first DOA4 tourney in modesto some white boy wus talkin shiet behind my back, usually comein from behind the comp, and i dont even play the shiet lol.

front em about it and they b come instant pussys, u and me know first hand when we confront most of these pussys round here, let that shiet go nephew u know they cant see us in tekken :smiley:

good tournament yall
hurry up and have more
Ill bop on down

sorry to shai and twotone for not answering your pm’s…sorry guiys i just dont have acess to the comp all the time that and work…but check this out since alot of people have somthing to prove and this tourney wasnt enough…so what im going to do is throw another tourney in JULY yes JULy no date yet!! and i know the champ from a year ago wants reclaim his title so ill make sure he comes for this one…thanks to my team who’s bringing me back into this RUTHLESS!!..but hopfully we can have a cvs2 3rd strike if we get it by then and tekken 5 DR (?) I THINK IT TYME TO GET A LITTLE RUTHLESS IF YOU KNO WHAT MEAN!!

Damn…I know Im hella late replying to this. But if you only replied back to Shaix pm…me, Van Huynh and Shaix would of came down to Modesto for the tourney. We were the Union city guys that won 1st and 2nd last year. Oh wells, glad to hear it was a good turnout for this tourney. If you want us to show up for the next tourney…just leave me or shaix510 a message aight.