Modifiying ps360+ opensource fw

My current predicament is that I am trying to play Tales of vesperia with my joystick, and to use Overlimets I have to quickly press the dpad down. A quick button combo to match that action would do great. Anyon know how to tackle this? I’d love to make it so a button combination corresponded to a different lsb or rsb or dpad instead of having to go into the runtime configuration movement. Does anyone know where the ps360+ open source firmware is at and maybe I’ll just edit it myself…?

Would there be anyway to specify the right stick as being the default stick instead of the dpad?


practice what? Does anyone have any info on how to modify the ps360+ fw? How can I practice modifying fw when I dont know where to begin…

Practice Your Game Play. I blame your execution over the PCB.

You’re best off contacting the akishop directly, as this would be a pretty complex software tweak in order to accomplish. I’m not even sure they’d just give you access to their firmware.

Honestly, using the controller would be x10 easier and less effort.

lol. I think you misunderstood… You want me to practice my game play of switching between the dpad and the left analog stick? the overlimit control I want access to is specifically mapped to the dpad… while movement, to the left stick. Simultaneous access to both is what I would like to tinker with, sorry for not being clear.

You are definitely right… However, they promote that their software is open source so I would have figured someone else would have been tinkering with it by now.

Perhaps. But to be fair, the standard firmware updates do more than what your average user is looking for in a fight stick. Most guys who purchase something like this are primarily into fighting games, shmups, beat-em ups, anything that requires a basic joystick and buttons. Your needs are very specific and most likely haven’t been addressed previously, so you’ll want to talk to the akishop guys first.

Actually, all of these would be fairly simple to implement, if we had the source. Or the schematics. Or any of the things that come along with an “open source” product (I’m a little bitter, can you tell?).

Anywho, eltrouble’s right. The best thing you can do right now is email the Akishop guys.

Stop using a stick for a game designed for a pad.

Or I could use the stick I want, for the game I want, how I want. Useless input.

That’s more how I was thinking… If it were truly open source people could pull all sorts of cool things off the original creators don’t have time for.

That’s exactly my point, my needs are specific so it’d be nice to have the tools I need to address my needs. I’ll shoot akishop a message. Thanks for the input.