Modifying a Happ Competition?

Ok guys, here’s the deal. I have 3 Happ competition joysticks, all the same age with approximately the same amount of (infrequent) use. HOWEVER all three behave differently.

When I built my first stick, I found myself playing much better from the 2P side. Strange as I was never very good at that side as a kid at the arcade, but I figured I was just better from the right.

When I built my second stick, I noticed that my game appeared pretty balanced from both sides. I figured I just improved my overall technique in the year between stick #1 & stick #2.

When I built my third stick, I noticed I was money from the 1P side, but complete garbage from the 2P side. I was like wtf.

I knew it had to be the stick, so I went about trying to find the root source. The problem was my diagonal response. I replaced the switches as I thought the respective plungers may be out of tolerance - but its still pretty much the same song & dance. The chances of two “new” switches both being bad are pretty remote.

Has anyone modified the actuator to allow for more sensative diagonals? What would be the negative consequence? Is this the reason people prefer Japanese sticks? Aside from this issue, I like the overall feel. But I’m about ready to jump ship just out of frustration.

I am not really sure how you would go about modifing the actuator to make it more sensitive. You would have to find a way to add on to what is already there or maybe make your own out of some thick plexiglass or lexan. I dont know how well that would work out or how long it would last, but its the only thing I can think of.

If you were to make your own actuater, in order to make the diagonals more sensitive you would want to make the center mark of each side the same length as it was before, but as you get our from that senter point you would want to make it get sligthly wider. This is because when the actuator hits the switches for a diagonal movement, it doesnt hit the actuator in the center of the two sides, but rather slightly out from the center. So if you make it longer in those areas you should be able to get it more sensitive.

Although I think it may just be easier if you just get used to how the newest stick plays. Just practice a little on what ever games you play and make sure you always go all the way into the corners. I was having the same corner problems on my own Happ competition when I first started on it, but it didnt take long to get used to making sure I hit those corners.

Would the microswitches just be loose or something? I’ve never looked closely at a Comp stick before, but I doubt there’s anything wrong with the square actuator, and the switches are directly actuated.

Actually, I messed around with my comp for a bit and just to try things out put some masking tape (very tightly) around the actuator to increase the size of the square. This is obvious, but the bigger that square gets, the shorter throw the stick has, not the mentioned that the stick has a square restrictor feeling to it. It didn’t work that great, as it was still masking tape on the actuator, but you could definitely feel those diagonals, and I think it would work pretty decent if you could make a bigger, solid (not masking tape) actuator. Probably not what your looking for but…

You could also try using a JPN Sanwa stick. They hit all corners very nicely, with the octagonal plate. However I would try to increase the actuator with plexi, just for kicks, who knows you may invent something ;).

if you want to feel some real corners, use a Sanwa with a square gate

I actually fashioned a restricted gate with corners from lexan for my Competition stick - still doesn’t compare to a seimitsu though…

Don’t use metal - it cuts straight into the plastic. Even with wads of duct tape on the edges.


this is so odd as that is exactly what i’m experiencing. my right-down diagonal doesn’t work very well at all. i was looking for a fix, i just figured my controller was worn out. i switched all four microswitches and i still get the same thing. perhaps i will rotate that square thing and see what results.

Are all 3 sticks designed the same?
Could be another factor.
But yea… those square actuators are lame. They make you think at 1st when you see them that they’ll be great for hitting the corners because of their shape, but they actually limit the contact of the corners.


all the 3 joysticks are dead nuts identical. same box design, same internals, etc, etc. crazy IMO that there is so much variation between identical components. i may try to get creative and attempt a custom actuator (just for fun). however more than likely i’ll just mothball the sticks & build up a sanwa/semitsu for the sake of comparison.