Modifying a PCB (not padhacking)


Alright, I wondered if it’d be possible to maybe install the posts onto a PCB for quick disconnects so you can just do that instead of worrying about having to solder onto the board. I have an issue sometimes where I can’t get a good contact and I’d like to cut that down drastically. I know I can use the glue and I’m looking into it but I think something like this would be even better for future projects.


That would not only require soldering, but some minor drilling (unless you are using a Cthulhu… which already has a no-solder solution) as male qd tabs need a hole to be soldered to for solid mounting.

Kinda defeats the purpose of the whole thing.


This was cool.
I love all of work by M K L.


I like that Idea. I wouldn’t mind the drilling, I’d prefer it to just soldering to the flat surface of the PCB because I can secure it somehow.