Modifying HRAP screws to open from the top?


It’s kind of a pain to go through the bottom to open up the HRAP whenever I need to. I’ve been thinking it’d be a lot easier if it could be opened from the top. What would be the best way to accomplish this? The only way I could think of was to somehow secure the nuts on the inside so I could just replace the bolts with ones that have a slot for a screwdriver, but I don’t know how you would secure the nuts well enough to prevent them from falling off. Is epoxy/glue gun strong enough for this sort of application?


Look here. There’s detailed info on how to do it towards the middle. Thinking of doing this mod myself. Just need to find the right parts.


This is a great idea, many thanks to aggrastat. Just make sure that when you are tightening the lock nuts that you are gentle or you might pull the slot out. I also recommend using flathead screws, will be easier if you are going to be opening your stick a lot because phillips screws strip.