Modifying Stick axis position

Hello all.
I’m dreaming of a stick that let you choose the angle of the axis.
My arm and hand aren’t perpendicular to the stick just as every human on earth with regular shoulders size. Thus pointing the stick straight back is quite annoying it feels more like doing a down back in fact.

I want a stick that take into account this and set the axis accordingly with the “neutral” position of the wrist. Rotating the Stick by 5 to 10° should do the trick.

Made a picture for you, do you feel the need too ?

I can’t do the modifications myself I guess. Soldering strong parts and keeping them solid you need tools and knowledge.

You should get in touch with blklightning21 from LLC. He might be able to make a custom metal top panel for you.

That said, I’m guessing you’re using a traditional american hand grip right. Switching to a more finger centric grip like wineglass might solve your problem.

Hmm I use a kind of Daigo style grip, ball between pinky and ring finger, hand relax lying on the stick (I don’t close my hand and fingers on the ball). I hold the ball just with the thumb.
I really feel that I would be way better at back dashing with this modification. Or for the same result, adding 20cm between the ball and buttons lol.

What’s LLC ?

LLC is blklightning21’s company
you should see him around the forums

you can find a post from him in the tech talk hang out loud thread

Ok found him. But I don’t think a panel would be the solution as it’s how the stick is fixed to it that matters.
Maybe a new housing using the same screw holes, but is able to rotate +/- 10°

Getting something adjustable will be hard-- making an element that would be rotate-able AND secure would be an expensive an tricky mechanical engineering challenge. A slightly rotated mounting plate would be trivial, though-- LLC could likely make you a panel with the mounting footprint rotated or shifted (as long as the clearances are right), as others have suggested.

The thing is that the entire internal joystick assembly needs to be rotated inside-- there’s no single element that you can rotate to get the desired effect. You could get a full 90 degree turn via wiring (or just the switch plate orientation), but anything less than that will need a custom mounting angle, meaning a replacement panel. Also a replacement panel could get you further stick/button separation potentially.

My advice, if you really want to go down this path, is to get some thicker plex/wood and make yourself some mockups by drilling various orientations; when you find an angle you like, take it to LLC to get a robust (and proper height) mounting on a replacement panel.

But he makes Custom Panels.
How can that not be one with different mounting holes?

Just because the panel and the stick are soldered, I can’t ask for a panel if I can’t solder myself a stick to it in the right position. This would be easy mode If I could just by a new stick and solder it the way I like to the panel. The holes could even be the same, all I need is to solder the thing with this 10° rotation.

His Mounting System does not have any welds on it.
You just screw on your Joystick to the Custom Panel.

Do you think everyone who ordered a Panel from him had to weld their Joystick Mounting Bracket?
His Mounting System does not use a Mounting Bracket.

The stick is not soldered to the TE panel. The mounting bracket is. Blk doesn’t use mounting brackets for his custom panels, he uses bushings. A custom panel would work.

Anyways, did it ever occur to you that it doesn’t really matter if your arm is or isn’t “lined up” to the stick? The analog sticks on game controllers aren’t perpendicular to your thumb, either - but it doesn’t matter, because you adapt.

(More food for thought: the Wii nunchuk, Xbox analog, and PS3 analog are all at different angles, yet people can switch between all of them without much issue. Moral of the story - get used to your stick.)

Just a small note, soldering does not equal welding
which is how the brackets are mounted

what we are saying is the stick is screwed on through the brackets
which is why we said you should go talk to blklightning21 who makes custom panels
he could get a panel done so that its 10 degrees or nth degrees off tilt so that you can just screw your stick back into its proper position

Yeah and whatever bother modding our stick, just get used to it ? makes no sens to take the issue this way.

Thanks for aim the info guys I’m trying to figure out our his product is made and understand the thing, I didn’t saw something clearly answering the issue on his website pictures. I’ll keep on searching. Pretty hard to talk with my poor vocabulary in your language, so forgive me if I’m not clear enough the first time :slight_smile:

If I got it, replacement panel use screws to fix the stick to the panel and these screws at the end are hidden under the art layer/plexy. Sounds really good solution indeed.
I’ll contact him asap Thanks all :slight_smile: