MODOK and X-factor

Do we have a really good BNB for MODOK if he decides to use XF? Do we even know what MODOK should be doing if he uses it? Honestly I feel there should be a thread for this. The questions for people reading this are…

  • Should MODOK use it in most matches?
  • What is a strong BNB using X-Factor, the strongest possible damage isn’t nesssary since you are trying to kill them off as fast you can?
  • What tatics does MODOK have if he uses in level 3 x-factor?
  • Is there some loop that MODOK Players should know
  • Finally, is there any cool uses with X-Factor and his supers?

There is probably better uses of X-Factor now in the next game in the franchise, but right now…what can we do.

Here’s a japanese combo xfactor that I sorta use. It’s lvl 1 and kills about 1 million hp characters.

Starts at 1:30

I haven’t really toyed around with X-Factor that much (I usually just save it and try to herp derp my way to victory with Sentinel), but I’ll bite…

Not really? If you catch more than one character, or you REALLY need to kill the guy or save your ass, sure… but since Modok is rarely anchor, and he can combo combo combo anyway, Maybe someone else should be using it?

Blaster relaunching seems MUCH easier in x-factor… Like, stupid easy at Lvl3 even. But other than that, Modok’s regular BnB’s should be fine too?

See below!

Meh? It allows you to combo after midscreen HPBs, even with dashing up solo after 0-LoU HPB and then OTG M into launch (but it’s hard as fuck). Other than that though (and then not even) there’s probably better things you could be doing.

I’ve hardly ever used X-Factor with Modok at all though… so maybe I’m still missing a bunch of things.

That said, I was messing around in the lab this morning, and recorded a couple things that I DID notice.

For that 2nd-last combo, I did NOT use any airdashes… those are all just raw air H’s. That’s how easy blaster relaunching gets in X-Factor. lol

That balloon bomb loop was too good, lol. I’m not at home to test, but I’m sure that’s only xfactor lvl 3? I also rarely use modok in xfactor…outside of the occasional lvl1 xfc throw 100% combo, I save it for my anchor as well. However, I’m thinking about popping xfactor on zero anytime I touch him now…modok has a hard time comboing that guy. Wouldn’t mind the character but he is just too small it makes me rage when combos whiff on him…I hate chibi characters with a passion.

Yep, lvl3 only for that bomb loop (I think?)

…and yeah, the little guys can be a pain in the ass. Especially zero too, as IAD L and M are completely useless against him, and snot>fly>relaunches don’t work on him either… drives me crazy! I hate that little bugger.

I just learned the other day that Phoenix is the same way in regards to IAD L and M. :sad: