Modok online

Just curious, not that the matches would be that great anyway, but maybe if people want to experiment or something. What MODOKS want to get some games in the Northeast USA? I know, I know, it’s online, but most MODOKS I run into online hardly know how to play him at all.

I play Modok online. I’m about to get some live matches with a friend of mine, but I think we can get a few. Ill message you when. My GT is Mikman360, I’m in Maryland.

Well I’ve been out of the FGC for awhile now since I moved to Hawaii and just recently picked up UMVC3. I’m looking to try to get back into things with people on xbox live and I thought this would be a great thread for people who want to practice online.

Anyway, here’s my info:
Xboxlive: simplexgore4337

i live on guam so maybe you and I will have a stronger connection than people on the mainland. I “play” MODOK although I would simplify my play to A) zone with barrier and beam B) exchange into cube combos C) get random opener into launch, relaunch, random finisher

But if that is something you’d like to play against add me xbl : kswizzleonlive

MODOK online?


Oh wait


In all seriousness, I am way too bad to play with any of you. I am getting better, though.

hey i sent you an invite kensanity. my xbox live is simplexgore4337. Whoever that modok was that I played from mexico, your modok was good man. That phoenix wright + hsien-ko combo is annoying but very effective. I can’t believe PW has a better shield than modok :frowning:

you should just play bro, how else are you going to get better? plus, you can totally steal people’s tech with modok. no better way of learning then having it done on you :slight_smile:

Yeah but online is horrible. its just so execution intensive i dont know if playing modok online in a lag environment helps or hurts execution. i love to play other modoks to see what techs they have tho

You know what? I played Vongo1a and had some pretty good matches, his MODOK is solid, he just has to move around more. With a little better awareness I think he can take me. I was able to hit most of my lazy combos. (I’m almost always lazy when I player versus people. I really need to go for more damage.
I tend to keep meter for my patented Skrull spam.

GG’s Batmanuel btw, it was 5:40 AM when we started playing here on the east coast. I was just trying to squeeze in a few before work. Kind of surprised you left Magneto. Granted lag may mess up his advanced stuff since you’re from Hawaii. I didn’t think the connection was that bad tho. I must say I wasn’t quite ready for your dreaded U/B strategy. All I could think was NOOOO he’s running to the other side of the screen must catch him! You even broke most of my throw attempts which was disheartening Solid use of anti airing me with multiple lights. I HATE this part of the game too lol, mainly because it never registers in my brain to spam it. It’s the old school in me I’m afraid. You just don’t do that in other games. I really should tho, since you converted and killed my MODOK a lot because of it.

Basically I’ve learned from Vongo1a that I need to stop being lazy, and from Batmanuel, to stop being impatient or rather change my bloody team. Takes to much work to catch runners with MODOK without a decent projectile assist.

ggs guys!

I’m still working on my blocking, so playing online will just frustrate me.

This is pretty much my first fighting game that I’ve really been getting into.

That would be me :sweat:. Thanks for the matches, your Modok was really good too :slight_smile: I just wish I had better connectivity… I can’t imagine how hard it is to transition from smooth offline to laggy online, specially if that’s all you used to play. I can only say that you’ll get used to it. Just don’t practice with lag in training mode! It messes a lot of stuff up, at least for me.
And yeah, I couldn’t believe PW’s was better, but then again Modok has more options (mobility and damage wise) and he doesn’t necessarily need the shield. PW’s shield, on the other hand, is almost the only thing that keeps the lawyer alive.

Holidays are over. Hopefully we can have modok lobbies this new year

Yeah good matches bro. lag was tolerable for hawaii vs mexico lol. I just couldn’t do combos. Yeah your team takes some getting used to. It definitely changes the pace of the match having to react to both gold hsien-ko and gold phoenix wright.

s b

Yeah, that was some good matches. It’s so hard to react to skrull teleports because by the time i see it there’s no way to block because of the lag factor. Yeah, i was doing a lot of the u/b dash upwards to get it into muscle memory and call assists down bellow and rush in when opponent isn’t expecting the assist call. but yeah, I had to switch away from mags because it was impossible to do combos outside of the corner. that and I wanted to try my different teams and see which one would work with the lag.

Nice modok though, I can’t believe you got some of those combos off with that lag. And yeah, I never realized how annoying it is to fight another modok players. I know what he’s capable of and my modok died a lot when I was impatient. Yeah, MODOK jabs are godlike bro. I use them on my friends rush down chars like magneto and even beats out zero if timed correctly. Yeah, I understand about the old school-ness. There’s things I’m trying to drop too but I guess I just go on auto-pilot way too fast.

Anywho, good games man

True, True, yah I got a decent LAGDOK but if you noticed I kept my combos hello simple. Relied on resets. I have a habit of keeping my supers for Cap and Skrull. Lag was def a factor though, I don’t know if I got my multiple cube combo on either of you but that’s supposed to happen after any throw 0_o I just can’t do it online all the time. (Doesn’t help that this pad sux.)

We really should try a LAGDOK room sometime, but we’re mad spread out. Oh and for the record I had the most wins in all my matchups :wink:
I kid, I kid :smiley:

MrOuijaII on XBL

i NEVER run into ANY MODOKS online so the only time i get to see some work is when i use him randomly… wouldnt mind seeing a modok that has had some work poured into him

Sure I’ll add you, online is my primary venue sadly. There’s meetups my way but I work WAY to much. That being said, weekends or late night I’m mainly on. East Coast though…so beware. I’ll play lagdok but not laaaaaaagdok.

I like to think I have a decent MODOK, but he still needs a lot of work. I’m trying to get my MODOK to reach a competitive level, so I need to face other MODOKs and see what they’re doing so I can steal their tech lol. I’m in the northeast and if you see me online, I’m always up for some games.

XBL: Lt Play Doh
Awesome tag, I know.

Word, I’ll add all you doks, maybe the DOK room will be a reality. Someone will join and then see pigs flying out the window hahahaha

look at all these DOKs

looks like we need some Docs too

GT: Dreadmaniac
I will gladly play any DOKS from here.