MODOK Unblockable setups



Hey guys, I am sure that we are all aware that Modok can get various solo unblockable setups, but I think consolidating as much information as possible into this thread would help bring MODOK’s game to the next level of understanding(well, mine at least).

The basic idea behind MODOK’s unblockable setups is that cr. M (slime) is a 2 stage attack with the second stage being a low attack that persists for several frames. To gain access to ‘unblockables’, Modok can then cancel slime into flight mode, gaining access to all of his quick overhead attacks and creating an extremely difficult situation to block. There are several ways to set this situation up but to be clear, most if not all of these setups can be guarded normally with smart block switching. Likewise, there are various other methods that will allow the opponent to avoid MODOK’s ‘unblockables’ altogether (smart advancing guard use, raw tagging, invincible supers, alpha counters etc) so this is anything but guaranteed. However, since MODOK does not have a passable high/low or left/right mixup, this unblockable setup will allow you to introduce another type of mixup to force on the opponent.

I will try and post a few videos highlighting certain setups I have used to start this off and update the next few posts as more setups are found. In general, this is the main thing that I have been trying to work into my MODOK gameplan and I have been messing with several different team setups recently to find the best fit (well, ultimate being around the corner helps, too). I’m looking forward to seeing how useful these unblockables can be for MODOK.








Sweet, looking forward to the vids :smiley:


I recommend using Ammy’s cold star because it locks people down longer than Ryu/Akuma’s tatsu, and MODOK is free to rush people down easier.


Ammy is most definately one of the best if not the single best assist for modok to set up the corner unblockable I’ve found (modok BFF? lol). I’m currently trying to work ammy onto my new team to really abuse this cause it is too solid. I dont normally use Ryu/Akuma but I wanted to show the stupid Akuma glitch in the other thread so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone since I also wanted to get the ball rolling on the unblockable stuff.


Haha, Akuma don’t like to get crap on his toes.


If you have to use an assist anyways, why not just use Deadpool?


Figured I’d bump this thread back up and ask if anyone uses Quicktime as their assisted unblockable setup, I’ve found the damn thing to get results lately after making a move to be more rushdown oriented. Currently using Zero-y/Modok-y/Dudepeel-a …for the Inst.over head >unblockable game. Bicycle kicks into quicktime is hilarious and J.S has enough block stun to constantly make the grounded opponent hurt.

Right now I’m working on resets using tk flight l.cube to pop out , then iad j.L + quicktime to unblockable. It appears Deadpool isn’t easily pushblocked and creates some interesting mixes should the uB fail.


Have you guys ever used MODOK’s jamming bomb to control how people tech roll!? It’s actually useful way to use unblockable setups because the oppotent won’t be able to control how they tech roll. They will mostly likely make mistakes, and tech roll by their intrinsic in the wrong way.

Say you notice that a friend of your loves to tech roll forward in a corner. Well a MODOK player should abuse that playstyle of his, and make use of his habits. Jamming Bomb your friend, and try to do a Slime+IAD L while they tech roll backward because the direction input is reversed. The oppotent won’t be able to to do a wake up invincible move either.

Deadpool’s low assist is probably the best low assist for M.O.D.O.K. as well.


Trying that out right now Ironboy, it’s exactly what I’m looking for as far as forcing resets. I’ve also had some success with using f.H x2 to use the knock back state to cancel into a blocked l.cube.


Another charater that has a really deadly unblockable setups is Trish. Trish’s round harvest reset is used often high level play, and in the most part is hard to get out of. You can also create Slime/low unblockable unblockables with MODOK because they won’t be able to get out.

You have more than enough time to setup whatever the hell you want to do with MODOK. And MODOK can DHC into Trish’s Round Harverst, to repeat the Trish’s unblockablesetup. As long as MODOK can do hard knockdown, and put the character in a tech roll state… he gets a free unblockable.

In fact Trish/MODOK/Deadpool isn’t a half bad team at all. Trish is a pretty good character herself.

Another way to setup unblockable is use THCs. Certain supers like Okami shuffle, Dante’s jackpot, Deadpool’S gun super, take so fucking long that you have enough time to do a unblockable setup. You can use MODOK’s Hyper Battering ram to THC so you have faster recovery, while you have two/one character force the oppotent to block.


MODOK only uses HSB for THC, IIRC.

Wow, acronyms.

But yeah, Deadpool/MODOK is godlike, X-23/MODOK is the rushdown counterpart to that. One plays keepaway, the other rushes. Both can do DHC glitch, both have a low assist for MODOK, both benefit from lockdown assists for mixups. (Jam Session).


So I’ve found that damn Jamming bomb unblockable setup is near godlike should you pull it off, any idea’s outside of Akuma assist on how to combo that **cking thing?


I’ve seen people combo into balloon bomb using Doom’s hidden missile assist, so I see no reason you couldn’t combo into Jamming Bomb instead. I don’t really play Doom, so I’ve actually been wondering how to do this myself…


It doesn’t appear possible without an assist. Any of the long hitting assists seem to work, I just wish i could link it solo.


I think you will find this vid useful.

Also you should be able to do a jamming bomb if you do a wallbounce in a corner. Just like all of the opporunity in this video where MODOK does mutiple ballon bomb combo.


You can combo into Jamming Bomb without an assist if you:

  • have them cornered
  • hit with f+H while they are very high in the air
  • the opponent is light in weight (?)


j.S, land, H, F+H, Jamming Bomb works fine for me. You have to be careful not to be too close to your opponent so that they don’t go over MODOK after F+H.