MODOKs at Evo

What DOK players are making it to evo? I’ll be in vegas tomorrow.

I shall also be in Vegas tomorrow.

Pool 59 for me.

EDIT: I’m also involved with Canada Cup Gaming (let’s go Detrimantix!) so if any of you guys can make it out to the Canada Cup after-party rooms maybe we can analyze brews together. :wgrin:

Analyze, analyze, analyze brews! Max stupor!

Good luck to all my MODOK bros repping at evo! I will lose it if you guys make it on stream beasting with modok tech.

This is nos99 posting from a friend’s account @ evo

Quick update - got a chance to fiddle with umvc3 briefly, and I think they may have fixed his no-block-during-jump-startup thing!!

I can’t say for certain, so i don’t want to get your hopes up (too late, right? :P) but i had my opponent (Morrigan) spam FBs and I couldn’t get hit when trying to chicken block them. I blocked everytime.

Not the greatest test, but i doubt i could gotten him to do meaty jump-ins lol… hopefully it’s true! :rock:

EDIT: HBR loop is still in… mwahahaha.

awesome! that alone is a huge buff

So I played a few games and scored some wins. Now I played a Zero who liberally tried to mix me up while I held U/B on purpose
to test the bug. I was never hit out of my initial flight frames. I think it’s fixed, also it was strange but Megamans teleport didn’t cross my big head up as easily and believe me, I was blocking the wrong way. Other news, it seems the body attack goes further? Bad news, I think you can’t go that high on the screen anymore initially. I was reached pretty easily, but I may not have been paying attention enough.

Pushblocking seems different by the way, or SOMETHINGs different as people found it made hard to push me out without an assist and without actually cancelling to flight to force the attack to bypass pushblock. More testing is in order. Besides that…no real news. Oh I did ask Nitsuma to buff Modok…and he said. Lets wait to see how Ultimate does first.

What that means, who knows.

I hope they fixed the pushblock bug that like sends modok alllll the way to the corner for no reason. I’m liking these changes so far. Nothing drastic, but it definitely sounds like they are making modok more solid. I cant wait to learn about all the changes throughout the game.

RoyalFlush whooping some ass with MODOK/Joe/Thor today…

I beat matrix with my Modok/Cap/Sentinel in first match of pools. LIJoe was watching, and I don’t think his jaw could drop any lower at the combos I was doing… it was priceless! :slight_smile: I even pulled out the jamming bomb into S-shield reset in the corner. I’m so glad people aren’t used to my character lol

I ended up winning my pool too! :rock:

As for umvc3, i tested more, and i can confirm that he can airdash cancel air normals now… I don’t know how that will really fix his problems, but at least it’s something.

I can also confirm that you CANNOT do air S-blaster… meh, probably would’ve been useless anyway.

Cap is BUFF in umvc3… double-jump is there, and even better, jab shield slash now OTGs!!! In my first try I pulled air combo > OTG slash > launch > air combo > OTG slash > super. OTG slash is incredibly easy to combo after because it has huge range and also knocks them back towards you… Here’s the really shitty part (for me) they changed the slash assist somehow so now it doesn’t work with my modok combos anymore. :sad: I may have to switch him out in umvc3 for someone else… fuck. I love Cap. :sad:

I can confirm that Modok exchange cube combos are STILL in it! I did one after a down exchange in the corner (the collective “Wooooaaaaaahhhhh!!!” behind me while I was doing it was awesome too :rock:)

I also tested no-block-while-jumping and unfortunately, i think it’s still there… :sad: Then i found Seth Killian outside and actually asked him about it. They are quite well aware of this problem, and he said it there were actually tons of bugs when trying to make his flying stuff work, and the japanese designers felt this was the best wway to handle it. He also basicaly told me that this will probably be something we will have to deal with in umvc3 as well I’m afraid. Blarg…

Oh well, I’m just hyped that I made it out of pools with my retarded team! :rofl:

Good shit! I only managed to watch royalflush during his match with noah…I’m here with my crew pulling for you. We are mimicking all the teams we see on stream so I hope you come up soon, lol

Which pool were you in?

Knock em dead Nos I’m looking for you here!

I got DESTROYED in quarters lol. Had to fight Hsien (sp?) from signapore and his Mags/Wesker/Dante and he did a grav loop that I’ve never even seen before and looks like it gets a lot more damage, and then I lost to… fuck, i forget his name, but he was from australia and played team tokido. Both were actually really chill and nice guys, they felt bad for me and my team lol

Oh well, time to party!! If you guys are here I totally recommend the coffee/booze slushies you can get at the place next to the main entrance, because they’re fucking awesome. The heat here is MENTAL (especially coming from Canada) so these things are sooooooooooo good. Cheap too! Only a buck per shot if you want more booze in there… I think that’s the cheapest thing I’ve seen down here.

Mad props to royal flush too! I hope he kicks some ass! :rock:

Worstplayer: If you want to find me, look for someone with a Canada Cup shirt on (all red jersey style with black sleeves, or red maple leaf on the front of a white t-shirt), and if it’s not me, ask them where Greg/nos99/BKB is and they should be able to hook you up.

El_Maiz: I was pool… 59 I think? Station 14.

Royal lost to the 10 year old who mashed H with hulk :frowning: I may be wrong. Nope I’m not. Nos rock on, in this sea ill prolly not find you but rock on sir!

Seriously that kid’s luck is ridiculous…

Royal Flush went far those, and he has been representing MODOK without a lot of people noticing it here.

I played him one game in UMVC3, but I couldn’t play on the stick setup they had with my MvC2 hands. The assist buttons
were under medium and fierce. I just can’t rewire myself for that. I just tried to use the opportunity to learn something new with
MODOK, when he killed my MODOK I hoped he’d try something new but nah. I didn’t see anything fancy from him most of the
day. Honestly I think the kid wasn’t lucky, a lot of people just froze up like mashing H was a secret techniqe. It’s like they were mesmerized.

It was really surreal watching people lose to him but I guess tourney nerves make you forget how to play the game.

As a Hulk user from day 1, I can easily say that no one knows how to fight Hulk until they’ve played about 15 games against a competent one. People press too many buttons, and his st.H punishes that. Likewise, they advancing guard too much, instead of punish the st.H,S on block. It’s kind of disheartening, because it shows me that if an 8 year old can get top 50 at EVO with Hulk, how far could a real Hulk user get?

Watching Royal was a blast though. Wish Nos or the other MODOKs would’ve been on stream…

Honestly I wish I competed. After playing people in casuals with my MODOK I think I wouldn’t have done half bad. I came to Vegas to meetup with old buds mainly. I didn’t even plan to go this year. Next year Def, but let’s see if I keep MODOK after Umvc3 is out.

Unfamiliarity is huge tho, I might be giving people a hard time because my good friend plays Hulk. The matchup is great for MODOK imo. In casuals it was hilarious how free seasoned tournament guys were to MODOK rushdown!

Royalflush played an amazing beastly modok, but stream viewers didn’t get to see too much craziness. Seemed to be the only modok player that made it that far up the ladder and on stream. Correct me if I’m wrong anybody. Wish there was more who could’ve made it up the ranks.

WorstPlayer & Nos99, glad to hear. As long as you tried, that’s all that matters :smokin: It feels so damn good to impress & shock everybody, making their jaws drop with a low / mid char that nobody uses, haha. Busting out flashy long cube / assist combos :rofl: Did any of your friends record matches / gameplay ?