MODOK's hitbox thread

We have Frame Data, Combos,Videos,etc thread. However we don’t have a thread deciated to understanding MODOK’s hitboxes. MODOK has some pretty bad hitbox when it comes to his Cr.l. But we don’t really have Vita for MODOK’s hitboxes. Fingerchamp is nice of enough for us to allow us to see MODOK’s movelist.
MODOK’s CR.l is really bad. All of his hitboxes in the air have great hitboxes. His Aerial M is looking pretty underrated…

What’s up with the “hitboxes” on the LOU he gets after hitting an Analyze Cube?

Me they don’t do anything, just like the hitbox on shield.

I think the hitbox on the shield is there to negate all hitboxes that your opponent throws at it… it’d explain why cr.:l:, cr.:h:, :s: from Doom will have the normals connect, but the launcher (with it’s huge hitbox) will not when dok is in the barrier.

If it works that way… lvl 4 Frank West is free to EX barrier? :slight_smile:

I don’t think so honestly while the shield spins wesker can shoot you through the shield if timed right.