MODOK's strongest BnB combo

After personal experience and observation of other MODOK players, it seems that we have no defined BnB combo.
To me a bread and butter combo is one that can be done without an assist, can be performed on most if not all characters and uses 1 super.

Many of the combos that I’ve seen players use might look a bit flashy or interesting but lack sorely in the damage department.

Also from what I have seen, many players will integrate 1-3 analyse cubes into their combos but never make any use of them.
Many of the combos involving cubes can be tricky and the best ones have MODOK starting with moves and positions that rarely happen in a real fight.

Novice Combos:

Corner Combo -This combo can only be performed if you end up close to the corner before relaunch.

j.:s:, c.:h:, f.:h:, xx, :s:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, c.:m:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s:, c.:m:, :qcf::l:, Hyper Battering Ram.

Damage: 695,200

Mid Screen Combo - This combo works anywhere

j.:s: f.:h: wavedash twice :s:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s: dash c.:m:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s:, c.:m:, :qcf::l:, Hyper Battering Ram.

Damage: 675,900

**Advanced Combos: **Courtesy of Caveman
j.:s:, iad j.:m:, c.:h:, iad j.:m:, dash :s:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, dash c.:m:~flight, iad :m:, :s:, sj.:h:, sj.:s:, c.:m:, :l: psionic blaster, hyper battering ram

Damage: 687,500

j.:s:, iad j.:m:, c.:h:, iad j.:m:, dash :s:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, dash c.:m:~flight, iad :m:, :s:, sj.:h:, :l: psionic blaster, addf :s:, c.:m:, :l: psionic blaster, hyper battering ram

Damage: 703,700
A few comments:

  • Jump S is a great move in general for MODOK and my most successful combo starter, it lets you take your time with your next move when you land it, I also get a lot of success of using jump S, then quickly going in to fly if it misses or gets blocked, then do jump S again, the second one throws opponents off and can get you your combo starter.
  • Cubes overrated? - I don’t think acquiring 1-3 cubes is worth sacrificing damage over, unless you have special combos with assists to get cubes, leave damaging cube combos to those juicy exchange combos
  • Never use body attack (A+S) to combo with, it lowers the number of times Hyper Battering Ram will hit
  • Standing M is just a terrible combo move it hurts hitstun and damage scaling dramatically, crouching M is always better.

Give these a try, tell me what you think.
Can anyone top these combos using no assists and 1 metre?

Nice combos Q though we should probably put this in the combo thread. I agree with you on j.s and that going for cubes over damage isnt the best way to go once you open someone up. However, I think that if your combo brings them to the corner, 3 or 5+ cubes(cant otg with 4 cubes) is worth it because you can OTG into Hyper Battering ram after the Hyper psionic blaster not to mention the increased damage on HPB. IMO that should be the main goal once in the corner.

Midscreen combos usually wont net many cubes without specialized assist use, so I go for combos with as much corner carry as possible into a reset once in the corner. If they get hit, you can combo into multiple cubes once in the corner relatively easily and kill with the battering ram super with 6-9 cubes stocked which will be a big threat to the next character if they get hit. Here is what came up with starting with j.s, no cubes and no assists:

This combo works anywhere on screen from corner to corner, the airdash j.:m: relaunch is inconsistent on zero and some others. I also listed two combos since the j.:h:, psionic blaster, addf j.:s: ender is somewhat character/weight dependent

j.:s:, iad j.:m:, c.:h:, iad j.:m:, dash :s:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, dash c.:m:~flight, iad :m:, :s:, sj.:h:, sj.:s:, c.:m:, :l: psionic blaster, hyper battering ram
Damage: 687,500

j.:s:, iad j.:m:, c.:h:, iad j.:m:, dash :s:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, dash c.:m:~flight, iad :m:, :s:, sj.:h:, :l: psionic blaster, addf :s:, c.:m:, :l: psionic blaster, hyper battering ram
Damage: 703,700

I’m gonna need more time to practice those combos, lots of jump/fly cancelled stuff I can’t do consistently enough yet. But you’ve given me some ideas to work with, thanks for sharing those combos.

I thought about posting this in the combo thread but I think focusing on developing a bnb combo and refining it with discussion would be really useful.
It seems to me like we started off way too technical and missed a lot of core MODOK tactics in between (I feel like making a topic on how to deal with being corner pressured).

I wish I could read the combo lingo(iad) it means a dash or something right ?
I’m all over Modok I do more traps than rushdown. But I land special so I need to be taking 700000+ everytime. But to the Lab !!!

I find trying to relaunch midscreen is actually quite difficult to do consistently. AFAIK, there are two ways this can be done:

Raw dash up and otg c.M into launcher
C.M into flight into airdash M into launcher

The first one is tight, and depends on how close you land after an air combo… Is it character dependent, or will the same string work on everyone?

The second seems easier to get in range (just need to get into snot range) but it’s petty tight execution-wise (I always cancel into flight too soon, before the snot comes out. D’oh!). Is this character specific as well? I have missed with the iad M sometimes when I think I’ve done it perfectly…

Practice makes perfect I guess!

As for getting cubes in combos, yeah 1-3 might not be worth it, but what about 5-8? :slight_smile:

Oh, and “iad” means “instant air dash”

Nos99 - thx

I’ve be going hard with Modok, I have corner trap setups and now since I trap a lot I should be GDLK with him since my main focus is fuzzy guarding the shit out of people:rock:

How are taking advantage of fuzzy guard with modok? Definitely piqued my interest with that one. :slight_smile:

Really good idea for a thread too… If we get some solid stuff sorted out (not too hard, but still good) I’d like to slap together a video for it even.

The otg c.m~flight, airdash m relaunch hits the whole cast. The timing is different/tighter on zero though. Perhaps we can post more combos from other starters like throws and such? Throws are good in general in this game, but I think modok has a great throw game.

I added 3 videos to my youtube channel showing this combo

‘modok combo 7’ is the combo as shown above
’modok combo 8’ is an example of how to extend the combo after carrying them to the corner
’modok combo 9’ is the same combo after a throw

I would love to here how you can fuzzy guard in general as MODOK. If he could it would make his rushdown even stronger. Especially aganist characters like Taskmaster that give MODOK problems with his range sword.

Thanks for sharing this Caveman, I’ll be practicing those combos now. I noticed in the videos that when you do the aerial M H S combo you delay the S slightly, is there any reason for it or am I looking too closely?

I think you get slightly more distance when you delay the S. Also, you land faster giving you more time for the dash up slime otg. This may or may not be neccessary, but it helps me a lot.

Good stuff, I feel I leveled up a bit finally. Definitely was stagnating a bit on my MODOK play. Question, I just may be too slow. Combo 7. After the air loop j:m: you launch. Do you input a dash before launch? I can’t seem to get the launch since they are too far away. I may just be too slow.

Yes, I dash before the first S launcher. However, I do not dash before the second S launcher. Timing isnt hard perse, but if you are not fast enough they will flip out before the relaunch.

Yo, his bnb will probably start off of cr.H,jc,addf,cr.H,f.H

Why, because cr.H can be jump canceled into an air dash down forward into another cr.H as a true blockstring and it’s difficult to escape with advancing guard. Also since that string makes his low threat an actual threat, you can really start opening players up.

I have added a video showing another variation of this [media=youtube]MIvOGZm3Q5k"[/media] adding one more rep of the airdash loop to get more damage. This one is NOT fullscreen like the others and the timing is tighter since there are more hits. Not worthy to be a b&b, but still good for building off of the original combo.

This is true. You can substitute j.S with cr.H to start this combo as well. All instances will do 10k less damage, but the combo is the exact same. I (like many) first found out the airdash loop by doing that very blockstring. Dont underestimate good use/timing of pushblocks, though.

Gotta revisit this…

I cannot, for the life of me, get this to work against Zero. :frowning:

I also have another Zero complaint, in that IAD L is apparently useless against him. If it hits him while he’s crouching, you can’t combo anything afterward, because everything just whiffs because of his crouching hitstun animation. I suppose I could go straight into launcher, but I can’t hit-confirm THAT quickly. :frowning:

…and IAD M just whiffs completely on him when he’s crouching. ARGH!


Seems like very powerful bnbs to me. However, I have noticed that balloon bombs add a lot of damage to a combo. I havent tested the damage yet, but I know after a ground bounce you can land one.

If you start a combo with 2H, you can save your ground bounce for after the first OTG, and after that, you can use a balloon bomb and follow up with the launch. Note that jS is stronger than sS as well. If you do use the balloon bomb, the final air combo is most likely scaled. Replace the jMs with 1 jH.

Oh and I’ve found that after the first air combo, if dashing isn’t getting you up to the opponent close enough to relaunch, you can triangle jump for better distance. This is actually what I do on a regular basis.

I say we discuss throw combos as well. I get a lot of throws in the corner with Modok (his grab range seems really good!). I’m pretty sure the strongest one I’ve found is this (corner):

2MS > (Super Jump) jMjHjS > (Land) 2M > (Fly) jS > (Land) Ballon Bomb 2H6H Balloon Bomb > Hyper Battering Ram (mashed)

On another note, Modok is very able to combo out of his throws outside the corner (sans air fthrow which sucks >_>) with the right assist. On another nother note, I actually try to balance gaining some intelligence in a combo as well as obtain some damage. Jamming bomb combos are so good.

You don’t need assists to combo after ground throws(unless you mean for cubes), just do the tridash technique similar to the one you mentioned above. I just hold up forward, wait for modok to enter flight and airdash down forward into cr. M~flight, airdash j.m, relaunch. He recovers quickly after throws. Works anywhere. Any examples of practical jamming bomb combos? Preferably one where you gain the lou to use the jamming bomb…I have a few setups but nothing solid.

Also I go for cube combos after throws in the corner. Modok gets like 770k+ off of a throw near the corner.

Oh really? I have to try that out then. Any luck on comboing off of front air throw?

Here’s some matches of me playing. Bad quality and I did a lot of fails but at 3:24 you can see my jamming bomb setup. Requires a ground bounce, so start combos with something other than jS.

Basically its: 2M > (Fly) jS > (Land) Assist > Jamming Bomb. I usually put a L cube after it too.


This is the winner so far, imo. Easy, possible from 9/10ths of the screen AND the most damage posted so far. Not possible from j.s obviously, but I’m still searching… This clip also shows the tridash for extra distance. Props to earthbound!