Mods, close this thread


Hello, Does anyone have a Hori EX2 Stick for the Xbox 360? Better yet, 2 of them? Please PM or leave a post with the price shipped. Zip is 07646.



…Why you would go out of your way to buy an EX2 is beyond me…


okay. . . . ?


It’s not a bad mod project… though a SE would a lot better. Unfortunately, I can’t sell. Gah, 09 is such the scarlet letter.


bump. again, anyone have a hori ex2 stick?


yeah let’s bump a thread at the top less than 10 minutes after it was posted!


I’m actually quite surprised that there’s no rule against bumping in this section…


I am trying to keep the discussion about the post when you come out of nowhere, and post something that has nothing to do with the thread.


your thread was at the top… and you bumped it by posting in it…

not even 10 minutes after it’s created.

I made a joke, but the fact that you’re this stupid is just so entertaining to me.


I am going to have to ask a mod to close this thread because people with no intelligence like you want to come on a thread, and post something that has nothing to do with it.

MODS PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD., raeli ruined this thread.


there’s one for selling

anyways locked