Mods closing out threads


Why do the mods close out threads the way they do? They’ll come into your thread and provide a link to a vaguely similar thread and close yours. Is Shoryuken running out of server space? If not leave the damn threads there! Who are they hurting? Not just mine but I see it happen to other people so often. Obviously the person who started it felt that what they wanted to say was important enough to take time out of there day to post it. Who are you to say that it’s not? You should only be closing out troll threads or threads where flame wars have started. So stupid. Sounds like IRC chat moderator power tripping all over again.


Well for starters,

Why make a thread when there’s already one currently active in its place? Why make a thread for questions that can be simply posted within an existing thread that is catered for such occasion? And why make a thread like this particular one in a Street Fighter V sub-forum?


You are violating the rules. The rules are clear. The rules leave no room for misinterpretation. End your transgressions now. to end your suffering. The salvation you seek lies in order. Renounce all other mods, and give yourself completely to the one true mod, @d3v !!!



That said, I believe the thread in question that the OP is talking about was closed by @“Mr. Flowers”. Though I tend to agree with the closure, everything asked in that thread could have been answered simply by reading the thread that was linked to, which happens to be one of the classic Domination 101 articles by Shoryuken co-founder and former Capcom Special Adviser for Street Fighter Seth Killian.

In practice, we tend to discourage threads that are generally talking about the same thing because it splits the discussion, something that could be applicable to what someone is making a thread for could already be answered/addressed in another thread.


In addition to what d3v said, the thread that Mr Flowers closed basically said “when other people use projectiles it’s cheap because reasons, but when I use projectiles it’s totally not cheap because reasons.”

Aside from the above attitude being clear scrub mentality, which isn’t encouraged here, it is also flamebait/troll fodder.


Stop making bitchmade threads then…save that for your blog/Twitter.




First they came for the black man now they’re coming for our shitty threads.

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