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Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


First fighting stick; Razer Atrox Arcade Stick?
Is there anyone out there still building cases!

UPDATE, this will be my new selling thread, got tired of the HTML BUG that affected my old selling thread, so any questions please post on this thread, thx


So that’s a bug?!? As in, the programming language stuff everytime you edit a post? This whole time I thought it was the new norm due to the site redesign! I might have to make a new FS thread too. Anyway, gorgeous sticks you have!


well, I’m not an expert, but was told it was an html bug on this thread: Upcoming Site Improvements

after trying to Edit my old thread almost everyday just to see if that “BUG” was fixed I gave up, I tried to contact the vanilla forum’s guy “Kasperslager” about that but he never got back to me, so I just decided to create a new thread and the problem was fixed, it sucks that, since we don’t have the Feedback system anymore all the positive comments I have will be erased but I think by now everyone knows who I am and what I do so its all cool.

you could probably make a new Selling thread and if it comes out the way you liked it, just contact a Mod and ask him to erase your old selling Thread just so you don’t get an infraction for having 2 active selling threads.


Thanks for the link. I just posted in there.


Great, hopefully you can get an answer, I requested my old thread to be deleted though, just so I wouldn’t get an infraction.


cases added!!


Loving the contrast of the cherry/wenge!!!


thx man, it does look nice, one of the best combinations yet.


do you have a template for the fe size? i’ll most likely hit you up with a request this tuesday or wednesday, but i want to see how my art will fit in the larger space. any help will be appreciated.


PM’d you about details! DBZ referred me. Awesome sticks man! will def order hopefully before next month.


Semi-blank SE case added, price lowered on Cherry/Wenge case.


Good shit!!! I hope business has been well. I havent forgotten on that amboyna burl project. It will happen.


how much for a fe case?


Ese Rob how you doing bro? anytime you are ready LMK.


Mago what is the difference between vshg and TE, and how much for that Godzilla FE box



Que onda Leo, there is not a big difference, TEs are just a little bigger overall

VSHG: 14 Long 8 1/2" Wide

TE: 14 1/4" Long 9 1/4" Wide

FE: 19 1/2" Long 10 1/4" Wide

Godzilla LOL I guess you are talking about the FE, I don’t have one for sale right now, I might have one in a couple of weeks, I’ll let you know.


Do you have any made and ready to ship out or are they all made to order?..I’ll take one in any size but I’d like a 30mm hit box layout and 30mm start/select/home buttons as well… can you do that?


the only cases I have for sale are the ones on top, and the curly maple is the only one I could do a hibox layout, that case has 30mm holes on the front, I still don’t know if a full 30mm hitbox layout would fit on the SE case though, I’ll check and let you know