Mods for Madcatz TE FightStick

Hey guys!

I’ve got a Madcatz TE Stick and would love to have suggestions from you guys regarding mods for my TE Stick. Please provide detailed information on the mod! Would be modding this baby up as I have 2 of em’! (Would only mod 1)

P/S: At the moment, I’m really interested in the LED Button mods for my TE Stick. I’ve viewed a few threads some by TingBoy but I don’t know would the same thing work for my TE Stick as the layout and electronics are different from the HRAP EX.


Hey thanks!

Sorry bout that but I can’t find a LED Light-On Mod for the TE Stick. =(

Because it is the same general idea.
And only one person had done it on their HRAP EX, since it is non-Common Ground.