Mods Please Close.. Item has been sold


I have a used mint condition mvc2 xbox 360 te stick for sale… Im asking 110 or best offer… This doesnt include shipping… So pm me ur zip code so i can find out how much is shipping… i have the original box and receipt i think lol…

update: stick has been sold…

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360 or PS3 version?


I would like to know also, if it is a ps3 or 360 stick.


updated info with pics…


do you have the headset adapter?


I’ll offer $95 + shipping to 30548. unless shipping is a ton. LMK


these sticks are not available in europe. i live in ireland and there is a guy selling one on irish ads for about 120 euro. i would really like to buy it but i do not have the money :frowning: so if you are shipping to european countries id advise you to buy from this dude :slight_smile: sexy stick imo XD


Black base, red border on art could make for a sick modded TE for like, Ryu, Akuma, Deadpool, so many characters.




every1 stick is sold already… i got a local buyer… sorry…