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I am selling my Ps3 Round 1 TE arcade stick for PS3. It has been modded with plexi (6 button layout)+art from arthong on top and on the start/select buttons. It comes with a octogon gate already inside and Semeistu buttons. I would say roughly used for maybe 15ish hours of light gameplay. The plexi is in good condition but could use a good cleaning ( i have no idea what i would use to clean the surface ^^;). Comes with extra’s. I will be updating with the extras and pictures later tonight. Looking to sell for $90 Shipped (Only shipping to the U.S.) or if you live in MA, maybe we can arrange a meet up and you can pick it up for cheaper ^^. Selling this bad boy since i dont play on it anymore ( i suck so i just use the controller) and i need a set of wheels for school so hopefully this goes to someone who could put it to some good use.

Extra stuff: 2 white ball tops, a black ball top and a red ball top, 2 black disc washers, a black shaft, the 2 black buttons from the stick and the gate that the stick comes with.

Willing to trade for a wii


Added the list of extra stuff


Forgot to put Shipped in details ^^;


Price Drop


Wow that’s cool! good luck selling it.


Thanks MGO ^^