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[s]Hey guys! Looking to get some money for bills! Up for sale is my red 3DS XL. It’s in excellent condition, with light light scratches and scuffs on the unit from usual play. Screens both have screen protectors on them since the unit was purchased.

System comes complete with stylus, charger, and SD card. The system also has some downloaded games including: New Super Mario Bros 2, Starship Damrey, Inazuma Eleven, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, Splinter Cell 3D, Kirby 3D Classic, Kid Icarus 3D Classics, Crimson Shroud and Wario Land 2. NOTE: By removing the Nintendo Network ID on the system, you will no longer have access to these games (Be sure to read up on the NNID if you’re not familiar with it. It’s still pretty new so I would suggest checking out the FAQ on Nintendo’s websites).

Price: $139.99 shipped to the CONTINENTAL US ONLY!! Sorry!

Thanks happy buying guys!! Ships right away and first come first serve, paypal only.





Pm sent…