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Anyone try the new Sanwa OBSF-30Q series buttons yet?!?
Super Professional Arcade Joystick (SNES)
WTB VLX Hori, VLX Panel, Astro City Panel
Any idea where I can get some gaming trinkets?
TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick TE S+ from Mad Catz & Namco Bandai

wish i could buy that bad boy. there should be a way to shrink things down so that they fit in a regular envelope…

Looking for a Cheap or Used Stick
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excellent! best of luck with the sale. that’s an incredibly great buy.


I would take this if its still available in about a week. I’m prepping some stuff to sell myself :X


Can u ship to can plz? Ill pay the shipping


if shipping to canada, don’t use UPS…it’s the worst for overcharging the receiver.


I’d be interested in the box for the SFA Stick if you don’t mind. I have the stick but no box for it but I want the damn box.


Well how much would it cost to ship an empty weightless box lol?


PM sent


I’d like to buy the SFAE case if you would sell it, or buy it from you when/if you do the project.


“Does not come with button plugs”

Are you talking about the V3-SA? If I’m right, does that mean you are going to put the two original buttons back in?



Alright, awesome. I have a friend that’s in the market for a stick once he gets a job. Just got out of college, applying to welding companies. Once he gets one, if you still have the v3 I’ll mention it to him.



bump for a great seller!


wow, great price! too bad i’m in canada…


interested in ff2, can i get pics of back and of the connections on the bottom?


dude i didn’t know you had a white battop let me add that to my package, i’ll just send you another 5 dollars as gift? let me know if it’s coolw with you. pm me. thanks


I’ve got a Marvel TE panel and bezel. It’s white with the metallic marvel artwork


interested in the tvc case, pm’ed


I’ll sell you my red Bezel. $10 firm. Will do priority shipping. So I will only make like $4.50 profit.


Lol the JLF clone has ‘‘D3V’’ on it…my favorite srk mod lol

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