Mods Please Close Thread! Thanks


With the new release of SC IV, I feel like I’m done with 2d fighting games, PS2 games, etc.

Arcade sticks:

  1. HRAP 2: Full Sanwa Modded with DS PCB. (120 shipped)

  2. Tekken 5 stick: Sanwa JLF with Seimitsu skeleton buttons. (100 Shipped)


Will only ship inside the US. I accept paypal or money orders.

PM me for more details/questions.



Bump. I am now accepting offers.


got pictures of the hrap2?


If that Ps2 doesnt sell im interested in it by itself no cables or controllers necessary


In a minute. Sorry for the delay.


Bump. Pictures Added.


Why not a good arcade 360 stick instead of the DOA/EX2’s? Unless you want to mod them yourself personally.


PM sent for sticks


May you please post/PM me a list of what other games you have for PS2 if you are willing to sell them separately?


ulovemikeroch: The reason I want the stock sticks is because I don’t have enough dough right now to buy me a custom made one.

SteveTren: pm replied

EvilSamurai: what games are you looking for?


Bump. Price drop on the PS2.

Everything is available. I might post these on ebay soon.


So i take it since you didnt respond that means no?


I need to sell the ps2 with the Hard Drive…sorry man.


I left you an offer. Please check your PMs.


i just bought a PS2 stick… but dam i want that HRAP2 =\


Bump, PS2 is on hold.

The arcade sticks are still available though.




what the hell is a ds pcb?


Probably the pcb from a Dual Shock controller?

Those look like good deals on those sticks, and pretty nice looking too. Too bad I just ordered a different one myself…


Official Sony Dual Shock 1 PCB