Mods Please Close, Trade is complete

I have a barely used KOF13 with the sound track that came with the pre order. Only been played for about 2 hours or so. Wasn’t my type of game so it’s for sale 35 shipped. Would like it to be sold locally since shipping for the holidays would be tough for me. 30 local. If you want pics let me know thanks for looking guys. TRADE IS DONE!! Close Please

Check your pm.


Still available

Price Drop

pics. also what are u interested in trading for?

Pics are up. Really looking for uncharted 3… Maybe new buttons just entertain me with offers and we will figure something out.

Pending trade with poon.

interested in soundtrack and game for $35 shipped if still available

The trade is pretty much good to go. Just waiting for it to come to my house before I go ahead and ask one of the mods to close this up for me.

so you’re telling me there’s a chance?


Its possible to ship to Mexico?
If you agree i make a instant payment

you wanna trade a 35$ Target gift card for it?

Edited the title to reflect what I posted a few days ago.

Hey just got KOF. USPS is not fuckin around right now. smooth trade, thanks sir!

Yeah they aren’t! That’s was fucking fast. Mods please close!!! Trade is complete!!!