mods please close

Got an extra dual-modded stick you want to get rid of? I’m looking for one!

Must be sanwa parts
Must be in good condition, last stick I bought here the joystick was pretty stiff I had to switch it out.

My current budget is $145

pm sent

budget is now $145

I have this stick:

I just need to apply art to it, it has a ps360 in it, buttons are sanwa, the stick is the stock hori but to me it feels great, will do $120 shipped

I don’t quite like the way it looks. I’m tight on $ and I’d have to spend more on it so that it’s at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

I may let go of my Qanba Q4 in a month because I am buying a Voltech. If you don’t need one anytime soon, I’ll get back to you. Is your budget of $145 include shipping? Where are you located?

Budget $165

edit: decided to just go ahead and get a new one