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Add GGAC! ;o

Sry dude this is arcade not console we only have a slash cabinet down here.

Oh, oops T_T


Hey mr PozerWolf if the software for AC wasn’t $2300 I might think about it. I’ve only been open 4 months so maybe next tourny.:nunchuck:

Mu V Man:cybot:

awesome, a real arcade tournament, count me in, as well as my peeps you know em :rofl:

I’ll be there a long with most if not all of Brownsville crew. =D

I will try to go to this.

Wow Marvel Super Heroes in the lead!!! Old school for the win.

Also I’m going talk to Rey about a super secret tournament for a secret non fighter game LOL I guarantee if it happens money will fly and hype will be made.


Damn you guys finally got a real arcade outside of matamoros, wish I could come back to the TX, family moved back here after the hurricane hit.

meh Slash is winning =(, not a big fan, really wanted MSH :lovin:

arcade play ? im definely down for this…

puro marvel super heros.

and of course i’ll be taking that umk3.

but i don’t even know though.
luiz has been whooping my ass recently.
hopefully i’ll WAY better.
than at uploaded.
because wow.
i fucking choked.

see you all there.

Updated the rules just a tad and added some more food locations.

More information coming soon.


I seriously wouldnt wanna see an msh tourney lol oh god thatll be horrible. My votes for ggslash cuz its the one i play the most xD and yes jim i will join it ><.

So yeah. Ivan, you should money match Louie in a fucking SUV race. From Edinburg to Brownsville. BET IT. :smiley:

Local entries

I would like to thank the 6 guys who have said they would attent Batb2. Funny thing is nobody from Harlingen yet, well Jim if it’s not breaking the rules I’ll join all the different games even though I suck at all of them, at least well no Harlingen supports are own Tourny’s.
If your not going to be a part because you think you won’t win, let me give you the New England Patriots phone number.
Come on guys, how about some support.

Mu V Man:cybot:

I’ll join all 4 main games

Aww I’m a gonna feel bad if I hold something on Nov 1st in SA… I’m hoping it can be done on Nov 8 instead.

Gamelot owner hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

Oh to clear things up I’m considering adding Marvel and third strike to my gamelot monthlies. Any other games would likely be a side tourney.

Ill be there, Ive been in harlingen my whole life gotta support the cades xD.