mods, please close


mods, please close


Jaw drops on the floor
This is the best sale thread I’ve seen in a loongg time! I wish I could afford them all! I’m broke as hell…


Took **a lot **of stuff off, unsure of interest.

Still have a few items at the moment, though.


Sees Samurai Shodown Anthology for good price.:love:

wondered why it said "Spirits"
realized it was jp edition…
American PS2 says, “:nono:”




I actually got a copy of the NTSC version a while back and have been meaning to sell this copy. I didn’t realize how much the NTSC version is going for now.

Sadly, I need my English to play SSVI, so that one’s not for sale. :rofl:


NOOO!!! Now this is an “OK” sale thread, lol

<< >> =D


I can live with that. :razzy:


Hey can you PM me those pics of all those games you were offering before? I know you’re not selling them. I just wanted to show two friends of mine how awesome that collection was.


Along with your address, your work schedule and if you have any pets I should know about.




No interest in anything…anyone?



prices lowered on Samurai Spirits and Vampire Savior


I want Borderlands! Was it not good? I have a mint condition limited edition BB for trade if you’re interested. I know it said T6, but just checking


Borderlands is good and all, I just think games like Left 4 Dead and Painkiller have given me ADD when it comes to shooters, I just have no patience when it comes to them now. If i’m not shooting something at least every 5 seconds I get tired of it. :rofl:

Thanks for the offer on BB, but I already have it.


Added Tekken 6 for Xbox 360.

Bought it for my brother-in-law who ended up not wanting it because he couldn’t pick it up and be a “pro” at it. He got angry when I suggested he practice at it.


useless post: although i cannot guarantee this, but if by next weekend t6 hasnt sold, ill try to nab it from you. just have to see how much rupees i have leftover after bills.


Hahaha I kind of agree with you. Oh well, hopefully you can sell it soon.:tup:


After taking a friend’s advice, I took Borderlands down to give it a second chance. After about a week, I still can’t get into it; so it’s back up.

Also added Ninja Gaiden Sigma set.


Interested in a brand new sealed copy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for X360?


No thanks. Had it, beat it and had my fun with it.

Appreciate the offer, though.