Mods please close.

Please close. Thank you.

Me once I get some money. XD

lmao… 1st place at the next titans of tampa should get this shirt lol.

I admit… this is pretty funny.

This shits retarded. I also love bright yellow shirts.

id buy, 15 is an acceptable price.

ROFL. I like the Lightan armor on the front.

The trading outlet is not the section for drama or flaming. Next post that’s not related to buying the product gets an infraction.

I would be interested at $15, please don’t make it a black shirt there are way too many of those floating around!

I like the design. It’s funny. Is that material made of a stretchy polyester microfiber or something? I’m sure your potential customers would want to know.

Just kidding, lol
@ OP- I actually would like one of those shirts in a grey color or black. Would 2XL be more money? I have a big belly =)

Just now read the thread, hmm I’m going to keep my hands off of this one. I thought this was jokingly about how Arturo was banned from a tourney years ago and making fun of that because he was “too good”.

Its a cotton blend. I’m not sure on the exact percentages. I’ll be sure to find out tomorrow.

A one off order like that would cost a good deal more. The only way I can sell these at a reasonable price is by buying in bulk. If you really want a one off color you’ll pay a good deal more for it.

Haha This is amazing sucks i couldnt see the shirts but def. im interested!!!