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How has everyone been handling pressure? I am not sure what to do at all other than try and squeeze in a command grab or something.


I haven’t really played that much but I have been using Yatterman-2’s assist to help with that. He doesn’t have a lot of get out of jail free cards.


i just use the dodgeball routine lols but other then that :frowning:


Yeah, nothing has really come to me that seems like a show stopper when it comes to getting people out of your face. My game thus far consists mainly of hanging back and getting creative with zombie/cart spam. C actually seems pretty decent as an IAD deterrent, as long as you keep in mind how slow it is.

All and all, I still feel pretty clumsy and scrubbish in TvC at this point, though.


that and cancel it to a bat since they’ll be in your face if they end up doing an IAD, and yeah the slow issue for it blows:arazz::arazz:


Goin at it with Frank some more tonight, here are a few tips and tricks that have proven useful. Some might be pretty obvious.

  • 236a> 5C> 236C combos if the cart makes contact while in the defending corner. Pretty sure it needs to be slow cart, not sure though. Pretty good to remember in case you use slow cart and they manage to get in your face right before it makes contact. Haven’t tried it yet, but you might be able to do 236a>5C>Launch>Air Combo too.

  • 623B> RREEEAAALL MEGABUSTER is pretty stupid, but every now and then you can snag a free hyper combo with it from completely across the screen. Might not be a bad thing to keep in mind if you’re getting spamed from the other side and you get time to call the zombie in.

  • Frank’s escape rolls can be canceled into from a normal string for additional mobility. Ex: 5a>5b>22C, sends you right out of the string and back into safety so you can resume zombie/cart spam.

-LvL 3 Hyper Combo seems to work pretty darn well as an anti-air so far.

-623b is probably the best Zombie spawn. Airborne people seem to get caught in between this and 5c> 236a pretty reliably. C’s hitbox is huge and if you hit the Zombie with it, it will go flying. If you let the zombie sit, eventually it will stand up and can then you can let it mess your opponent up or hit it with Frank’s bat for great results.

-Frank can use his Giant Swing command throw on the zombies. I haven’t used this a whole lot, but if the actual swinging part does damage this could be pretty awesome.


Does anyone know why Frank transforms into Mega Man X? Was there something about X in Dead Rising I missed?


It was one of his alternate costumes.


How do you escape rool? Ive done it just havent figured out wat i pressed.


22 atk. It’s in the Frank West thread.


I think I am going to delete this one and we will just use yours since the first post is done so well.

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