The rep buttons were great for Tech Talk. People could put disagree when bad advice was given out. Instead of three people clicking “disagree” and one person correcting the bad advice, you gotta have three people dogpile on some dude saying that advice is bad. Just one person correcting bad information makes it seems like just another opinion.


Yeah but as proven by history, if you give people a way to show their negativity and harass someone they’ll abuse it, the whole situation is shitty and stupid, but we as the survivors have to live with it. Just like Porco Rosso taught us, but with less pig-magic and war.


Isnt all this the reason that Valaris created the “List of things you need to stop doing right now” thread? Because flag bombing happened? Was that not enough or what?


So, instead of banning the few that abuse a feature, ham handedly removing the entire feature is preferred? What kind of foolishness is this?

And we still don’t have animated avatars. What the hell.


We won’t ever get animated avatars because 2013, need to use SRK on phones man, same reason why pictures in signatures is banned.



Like, Agree


Also the fact that most of these new forum software implementations don’t natively support them anymore.


I’m with d3v and Cryoh on this one. Jeez at least just remove flagging and add back like/disagree/etc + a “wtf” one. removing the feature entirely is just silly



I heard there’s some security shit that breaks if you allow gif avatars/display pictures. Hence why nothing supports it.


It still breaks my heart everytime starhammer posts. One day we will watch them shake it again buddy. One day…


Creating nothing but ad sp:am threads, he might have a post since it says 1 post and those don’t count topics created?



Mods…please close this thread:

I made a new one for the new year.


Just throwing this out there:

At least two posters on this page are guilty of abusing the flagging system for petty ends, and one of them hilariously actively posted about how dumb it is that post flagging got removed because of the “few that abuse the system.”

Which isn’t me crying: I don’t give two shits about the number next to the word Flag, but, ego and brown-nosing aside, I mostly like SRK’s mods, and they shouldn’t have to deal with that crap every day.


A mods job just basically consist of dealing with “crap” every single day. Please shut the fuck up with the pretending you give “Two shits” about anyone else other than yourself fat ass lol. This fucking cry baby here, holy shit at those estrogen laced tears you are leaking Tommy.



I think somebody might be fucking around in the VG thread. Video Game General - The road to E3...You're fanboy and you know it!

I just got alerts from Chrome, and AVG that the page Im going to has known malware content inserted into it. It only happens on that thread. the rest of the site is fine.


Yeah I get the same warning. (also on chrome)


I want to add to the people getting flagged it says the malware is from


This site needs a “neg” option. Not a flag and not a disagree, just a plain neg rep.


^-- Why? To what end? Why not just go to their profile and Ignore them?

I will pay someone a dollar to add “aggro” to the Auto-Correct software. That always gets corrected to ‘agro’ for no good reason.


I wish I could filter out SRK users by ignorance. I’m afraid such a sweeping tool would put 95% of the board on ignore.