FYA @Preppy‌ @Valaris‌ . Save us!


^-- he has been smote


Damn that was fast.


How come when I send mr.wizard messages he never answers them?


are the mods monitoring rape and misogyny posts? I’ve seen some stuff that disturbs me, but doesn’t use any kind of filtered word. This includes things in signatures. If not, there might need to be some discussion about the srk community at large and the misogyny involved.


How come all these bots are showing up with fucked-up smiley faces as avs, and how hard is it to screen them before allowing them? Maybe make people submit an email address for account activation here? (It’s been so long I forget if we do that in the first place)


This fuck is spamming threads w/ referral links…someone please end him.


Can we remove some of the stickied threads? I mean, the Knives one is old as fuck. He should be back on his feet by now.


Stickied threads all over the site could be removed. Has anyone seen the “Fireball Spacing Master Guide” on the Ryu Character Discussion threads . . . Jesus . . . I mean, I appreciate the thought, but that is such a cluster fuck of unusable jargon.


This thread is for GD though, no other mods really check it.
As far as GD is concerned, how many stickies do you see? I only have 3.


Oh, I know. I just saw what @Raz0r wrote and it got me thinking about that particular Ryu stickied. Truthfully that’s the only one on that particular forum that I think shouldn’t be stickied. I see five on GD, but three of them are closed . . .


Can you link me all 5 if ever you get a minute? I’m trying to figure out why I’m only seeing 3 out of the 5.




Can you still see the raffles and on the knives threads?




Huh. I dismissed the knives and raffle thread and now they’re un-stickied.

I also tried dismissing the GD rules thread, and now it’s un-stickied for me.

Makes sense since it’s called an announcement rather than a stickied thread.


you can dismiss announcements what magic is this

Also I’m still annoyed that all the SF4 threads are announced site-wide instead of just forum-wide:

edit: dismissing just temporarily bubbles them down until you next refresh the page. so not really helpful. :\


I’m so confused, I thought I had unstickied the knives and raffle threads over a year ago. I haven’t seen them since.


Welcome to SRK forums, where nothing ever works.


i sure am glad i copied and saved my polite conversation with the mod who banned me without responding to legitimate concerns. well, it wasnt that he didnt respond, it was that he responded to a legitimate and reasonable question with unfounded accusations that were unrelated and then deleted my account.

the reason i said i am glad i saved the conversation isnt intended to be a threat or anything, it is mostly because i want to hear the answer to my initial question and in small part because it was such a ridiculous sequence of events leading to the account being terminated that i wouldnt even have trusted my own memory.

this is the tone in which ive responded every step of the way, is this really thought to be ban-worthy material? if this continues as its gone so far, you will delete this without responding, and i will be left with a really confusing experience. you guys really are serious about fun!