Raz0r is trolling the GamerGate thread, perhaps trying to get it closed. Really annoying.


So much for the “no crying” in the thread title


Spamming/creating multiple threads:
Same alt:

@Valaris @Preppy


Please bring rep bar back.

One that’s green for positive rep and red for negative rep.

Will make identifying trolls easier.


Or people who disagree with you and thus spam negative rep.


you’ve gone into a dozen threads, and done nothing but trolled or acted like a complete bitch.

Friendly suggestion: take a step back from SRK, and sit on your hands for the next few decades


Ash, read SoVi3t’s post.

At this point, it just feels like you’re spamming this site. Maybe that’s why your posts are getting flagged as spam.


Now that’s your opinion, if you want to dismiss everything i do as spam or trolling it’s your right to, but that simply wouldn’t be the truth.


Anti-vaccination thread? Really?


So Ash Crimson gets to be a bitch alongside Ramrod, we have a goddamn Anti-vaccination thread, but we STILL DON’T HAVE OUR FUCKING SMILEYS BACK?!?




Well Rickross will not stop spaming off topic on all my post, and I told him to stop many times, if he doesnt stop im going to spam off topic on all his post as well.

He also admitted his other account is forumviewer


That’s his loss, really. Ignore it and he will get bored.


I know for a fact that forumviewer and rickross are the same person, they both called me alansucksdick and both started flagging all my post in the anime thread. I had to tell him to stop.

maybe he just thinks everyone is someone else


Lots if snitching going on in here


yea man snitchin aint good u know wat im sayin an al that shit snitchs get stichs in rap group they talk about taht in a song

pablic enemi number 1


I guess I have to flag bomb every single post of rickross cause none of the mods want to do anything.


You do realize flag bombing is against the rules? It clogs up the abuse report section in the secret mod forum.


I told you like 3 times to leave me alone and stop spamming off topic or flagging me. I’ve told you before I want nothing to do with you and you still do not fucking listen. And your other account also fucking forum viewer.

I also want nothing to do with any of your boyfriends alaneatsdick or jimbob or who ever else. I really think you are just plain idiotic or just being a troll.


If you guys are bored you can flag me instead, just stop arguing already.


I haven’t, he’s on my ignore list, yet he’s still spamming off topic on every post I make. Like what else can I do?