stop giving a fuck


Is there a way to block new members based on avatar? Since these bots are all rocking smily-face avs on monocolor backgrounds, that would be an easy screener. Also, blocking based on email addy would be easy enough. OR…captcha.


Too easy for asshats to drop neg rep on your posts simply because they don’t agree with your views in political threads.


I normally don’t have many problems with people on SRK, but its really annoying how RockBogart spoils multiple media in the srk lounge thread without spoilers and in a blatant manner.

To my knowledge, he has never had any warning for doing so. It seems like mods are very lax on him or treat it as a joke.

Also, as Rhio2k said above, he also misuses the flag BC of some difference of opinion, rather than a legitimate use like obscenity,racism,and threats.

I know these are very minor grievances, but so many have accumulated that it is worth posting in this thread.


How does reporting posts work? I thought I heard it takes x amount of flags before the mods got alt

You mean like this one? Vanilla uses a stable of avs like this for people with no AVs. I’m shocked there’s no CAPTCHA though.


I stand by my stance that there is one and only one person that needs to be dealt with before anyone else, and that nigga seems to be made of teflon, despite his complete and utterly terrible posting…


And who is that?


Ya’ll the ones that enable him to do so, if you guys have an issue just keep flagging his post until they are no longer visible and then maybe that will make him stop spoiling shit for you. But yeah dude has been doing this for years lol. I like how when Azure did it he was dealt with immediately lol.


@RockBogart You gotta quit that shit son. I know your ass is lazy as fuck but learn to use the spoiler tags.


How do you use spoiler tags? I can’t seem to find that option anymore.


[ spoiler] Penis [ /spoiler]
Remove the space in each bracket


Alternatively the 6th button from the left above the text box is one of those ‘paragraph’ symbols (solid backwards P with a line) is a dropdown and one of the options is ‘Spoiler’

edit: its apparently known as a pilcrow. TIL


Having something strange, spoiler is working in the first post of the thread I made but not in others when adding description after the equal.

test spoiler description




Shit needs to be dealt with:

No one wants/needs to see that shit.


I got my thread closed by a Valaris saying I was trolling. I wasn’t trolling and was totally sharing a sincere question/story. Why was it closed when I wasn’t trolling? Can mods just close any thread they want? Seriously.


Yes. And you were trolling. Stop being a bitch.


Spoilers stopped working in first post:

In my third post of that thread they are still working.

Anyone know what is going on with these forums?


^-- Does it work if you turn off/stop using HTMLView?




When I checked the post earlier this afternoon spoilers were not working, I made no post edits and the spoilers were working before.


I don’t know how you got into HTMLView on that page. When I use that exact same syntax in a clean non-HTMLView post, it works great. Sounds like Spoiler from the BBCode syntax world doesn’t work (now?) in a page using HTML syntax.