It is just me, or is there no option to delete you own post anymore?


There hasn’t been for a long while. It’s a mod power now. :\


Can there be minimum time limit for people that want to change their avatars or something?


Aren’t thread titles supposed to be English, unless specifically for other languages?

If Magegg don’t change his thread title, I’m making an English Marvel thread for the non retards.


Uh. What thread where? Context helps.


The Marvel Studios thread


Don’t know what you guys can do about this. If you look at the newest post in this thread

the newest post has been by ‘Unknown’. @Hawkingbird said he has seen it in other threads too. I just wanted to point it out.


I had idea to try to stop the korean bots, when you register for a account you have to answer a question and they have to type it in.


dunno why we can’t just ban new users from posting for one month. Forced lurking would help.

But I recall Val once saying that a lot of the bots are users who registered YEARS ago…


If you do the “you can’t post for N days” then they just sleep the account for N days, while actual users get thwarted. It’s not a great solution. :\


No new accounts, only ones that can be passed down, I can’t wait to dub someone “Sir BurnYourEgo II”. Serious question though, how many inactive accounts are this at this point.?


so you ban new users from posting, and if they don’t check in for X amount of days, or check X amount of threads, they get purged. That way you can tell somebody is lurking, checking the forums, versus a bot who just joins, and goes dark for 30 days.


weird glitch going on right now. i keep getting sent to the main forum page when i click on posts and even when i was making a post in gd, for some reason it never went through and i got sent to the main forum page.


Improved human recognition software to help stop any new bot accounts being created? There’s gotta be some form of software that actually stops them making new accounts. Or just put a maximum thread allowance per day, nobody here makes more than one/two threads per day anyway. That way you can at least stop the damage dealt slightly and it’s less of a hassle to clean up. Make it a mod power to create multiple threads for announcement/sticky purposes.

Supposedly I sparked up a bot nightmare recently by tagging a mod in the thread(I was asked to do so previously for bots in a PM), so I’ll at least contribute some ideas. Apologies.


Thread creation limit for non mods could be useful.


Can we get something done about these animated GIFs. Niggas are literally posting 100MB gifs, like c’mon son!




1st reply on the page

Doesn’t seem to cache either like the other ones to make it easier to reload the page, having seen it before, updated for new replies.

Spoiler tagging it will still load it right? Just dropping the url only, same effect of the post, fixes it so people can be considerate of that. But won’t when posters previously drop big gifs wider than a youtube embed in width and height : ‘Deadpool cheerleading’ & ‘Coffee Thermos Bong,’ that dudes only posts in months. HEY GUYS LOOK AT THESE BIG GIFS, LOL - and don’t get told otherwise

Is it feasible to put in like a maximum image size, to cap things?


I’d like a size cap on gifs. People posting 100mb gifs of clips you can find on YouTube.

I’ll forget to turn off images on my phone, visit SRK, and bam, my monthly data is GONE.


The fuck…who is doing that?