That’s kinda sad Art.


Can we jail idiots who are too stupid to realize DO NOT REPLY TO BOT THREADS? Nobody is going to read your horrible one liner, and you just attract more bots for the next while. Don’t abuse flag button, don’t post/reply in bot threads, and don’t anger @Neesa or question her birthday thread, is this too much to fucking ask?


I banned him for a week. That was needlessly dumb.


Can we have a sticky at the top of every forum/sub-forum/w.e that just says: IF YOU REPLY, SPAM, MARK, OFF TOPIC, W/E A BOT THREAD YOU WILL BE PERMA BANNED.

I think it’ll keep the idiots from replying to obvious bot spam.


I’m assuming we can still mark bot topics as spam otherwise the button will have no use whatsoever.


I say that as a precaution.

Best to just ignore bot threads, and just contact a mod via other means.


That’s correct. Any post with five spam flags automatically gets brought to moderator attention in the Spam dashboard.

This is also why flagging an actual user with the Spam flag will tend to get you infracted: only use the Spam flag on bots. But do use it on bots.

Yeah, replying to bots is bad and will get you at least a week timeout.


Is there perhaps a way to limit the amount of new threads an account can make, in a certain time limit? Would be an interesting way to prevent these bots from blowing up the forums like this. Just noticing it’s only a few bot accounts posting all these threads, so that would possibly limit the damage.

Also, maybe have a mod who ok’s new people who join the forum? That way when you somebody like “WetFart69” you can be like ‘yeah he is probably a person’, yet when you see accounts like “sajklgqweherewnhaehqwor” it’s probably safe to assume that’s not a real account.


That’s already in place.

Sure, but there a limited number of mods so that turns out to be a pain in the ass.


Is email verification already standard? There’s been an increase in bot posting and I think that might help out if not already established. If not that then maybe captchas before creating a thread.


GJ Preppy putting in work.


What’s up with banning ppl for using “wtf” and “off topic” buttons? :wtf:

I get the flag abuse,but If something is “wtf” worthy or “off topic” then what’s the harm in using them? Why even have them if can’t use them? Wtf means wtf so if I see it’s wtf-ish then I’m gonna use “wtf” button. Hella dumb to punish honest users for something that hurts nobody. :bluu:


The people that have received timeouts were those that had been using them to annoy other users after warnings. Don’t abuse the board software to annoy other users: Vanilla has been extremely fragile and doesn’t need the help.


And lo there was less crying on SRK! Thanks Wiz.


We straight bitch-made now… Thanks dummies.


Wait…were the WTF and Off Topic tags taken down because some people here were catching feelings?





I don’t get why Wiz got rid of the Off Topic or WTF buttons here. What if someone posts some 200mb gif or puts in like 100 images in one post or something? How are we supposed to bury that?


Why you gotta put @RockBogart on blast like that?


Anybody else see that “Promote” counter next your LOLs and LIKES? Is that some kind of rep bar we need to unlock like a hidden Tekken character?