Why would you try to use flags to moderate? That’s what moderators are for.

And yes, people kept crying about the flags, with some misanthropes then gleefully using their frustration as an opportunity to needle them further. Wiz posted up a ways back “stop abusing them or you’re going to lose them.” A great way to get people to stop crying/needling each other after people were told “stop crying/needling each other or these toys will be removed” is to simply remove those particular toys.


You of all people have zero fucking reason to bring this up. All you do is go through threads and flag people randomly. Not even a reply, just flag bombing whenever you realize you have nothing else to offer to this forum.


Can you insta-ban fools who make intro threads?


Sure, but is that productive? Aren’t most people idiots when they first show up? Seems to me it takes a little bit to figure out how to fit into GD.


How about if someone puts a post in the Rules: Read Before Posting Thread: No introduction threads. The reason they do it is because nobody tells them NOT to. Nobody cares for these threads. Somebody should say SOMETHING. The ridicule the newbs get in their intro threads is FAR from productive, and could cause them to leave from alienation from the get-go (if you’re worried about newbies being chased away).


Fair 'nuff. Added.


Can you make it so people on your ignore list are gone completely? Seems pointless to have somebody on ignore, and yet you still see them post and they can still derail a thread and you still see their posts through quotes, or by moving your mouse over their post.



And also make the ignore list infinite instead of only having IIRC 5 people on ignore at a time


Ignore list is at 20 people right now, I believe.


After 1 year, all the SRK members that are banned should get deleted from SRK and all of their posts deleted from existence.


Naw, that needlessly destroys history. Sounds like a horrible plan.


Then keep the posts and delete the users the same way I was deleted back in 2011


There seems to be a glitch or something with the forum. If you try to quote someone using a new tab the text that you want to quote doesn’t show up.


i said something in the lounge about that a few days ago, but i don’t like making waves so i didn’t bring it up beyond that :rofl:


Can you guys please close/delete all those “is havin sex with X cheating?” Threads. There are multiples of the same ones, they’re clogging up the front page and just annoying in general.


Need to start banning people for this shit.




Another thing to add to the list of shit that doesn’t work on this site.
If you try to use a .png for your avatar the site crashes and doesn’t upload it.


What did I tell you about new users with smiley avs like a year ago? Block new users with smiley avs until you find a way to tighten up registration (maybe with something like multi-picture captcha (click on all images of capcom characters or something), that needs a human to do, we wouldn’t be getting spammed right now. I knew that bots can easily use smiley avs.


Aren’t those ‘smiley avs’ just default avatars given to all new users, bot or not?