yeah, it’s a captcha thing not an avatar thing.


puffs corncob pipe Back in MY day, noobs didn’t git NUTHIN’. We got us a blank spot with our name on it. Ever’thin’ else were up ta US, by cracky!


One spambot had a girl in football pads over her breasts avatar

Must’ve been around the superbowl.


GD Rules need a bit of updating. Right now I have a handful of things that need to be codified so people know what not to do. If you have any legitimate suggestions as to what should be added, please post these now.


No pony/furfa6 avatars and/or gifs.

No more trying to act hood online when you soft as fucc.

Animated avatars plz thnx


Would ceding Smash “fighting game” status, allow us to get it and its ilk banned from ever again encroaching upon GD?


Chess is more of a fighting game than that other game…


Can we repurpose the WTF button into a conspiracy button to bury Shin Akuma’s Jimmy sized drivel?

Or just STFU so we can include affinity on that list.

E: Add that nigga CHIEfy on there too.


No, that’s why we don’t have a WTF button. Use the Ignore list if you have a problem with somebody.


The ignore button is a peasant’s torch.

A true Gentleman of SRK uses refined, logic-based argumentation to get trolls to spontaneously combust, and ban themselves.

Sometimes it takes years; sometimes it is the work of but a single post.

But it is always worth it.

Poor genshir0_.

It was an act of kindness when RC banned what was left of him, after our last match.


Anybody else having trouble seeing tweets post on here?


know-buddy curr…


Ban drunk posting

Save people from themselves :bottle:


all your posts dont make sense either


I have an idea of the best drunk post ever made on this site of this era. So all this loose lips continue to post because drunk to try to talk to everybody doesn’t compete.

Ban your videogame “inside jokes” jack frost. & gloating about buying games without knowing what they are. “Damn. he’s. cool.”


I vote NickRocks for Mod but change his name to SupermanTheAlmightyBasedGod


Add Team name for NickRocks for buying Prem.

Best post 09’er


All of the accounts that haven’t been signed into in over a year should be deleted along with their posts. At least that’s what happened to me 5 years ago…


I hate that plan. My loose understanding was that what happened last time was a horrible accident. A lot of the value of SRK to me is the history we build together.


That’s why it kinda sucked that my Jion_Wansu account from 2001 and majority of my posts are deleted from the Internet. Although a few posts to remain under the “System” username.