I think instead of a conspiracy button we could just have an Illuminati symbol that looked like a pyramid with an eye.


For who? Akuma?


Mods got it.

Back to posting pictures of feet…



let that nigga go, yall got emotionally attached to a bot.


So whats been going on lately? not arguing with the mods or asking for details but I noticed a lot of users who have been around for years (10+ in some cases) getting banned and when I check their posts out of curiosity it’s just the same old shit they always said so whats triggered?


There is a concern that one member is either stalking or actually committing crimes against others. That user is currently suspended indefinitely. I do not know much about this story because people have assumed I just magically know things even though I’ve been away most of the past week.

So yeah, we’re mostly just dealing with the fallout of what is at least extremely creepy behavior by a long-time member.

When people have concerns, you can PM a mod or admin explaining exactly what is going on and potentially they can help. Mods are never going to be psychic, and making vague statements is a waste of time. Pretend you’re back in school: explain yourself and the mods are here to help sort stuff out positively.


Cool, just making sure the standards weren’t changing. I lurk tech and the gaming forums where I am always on good behavior but I like to debate in a few topics in GD where admittedly I get salty sometimes. My understanding was no NSFW images or race slurs for the most part and I just wanted to make sure the bar wasn’t shifting so I wouldn’t eat a ban debating stupid shit.


Follow the rules and everything is good.


What deleted posts and threads within the last few days?


Would it be possible to have an option to have quoted post containing images or videos have them automatically encapsulated in spoiler tags?


That’s not an option in Vanilla, so no, not at this time.


Is the bot spam/bot reporting option gone now? I recall there being an spam option. I wanted to make sure I was snitching on the bot on the front page properly.


You can flag things with the flag button and they’ll show up on the reported subsection.


moving to the Feedback forum as part of moving some stuff around


Thread that mocked SJWs closed because ‘we’re mostly dudes’ (wtf does that mean?) and we were ‘making fun of people concerned with sexual assault’ (an overly simplified take). Also Starhammer was banned with the outlandish reasoning that he was ‘making fun of sexual assault victims’, when his post was mocking a feminists’ ideas.

Preppy’s gonna need to explain these cases because we were not in there attacking victims, nor is us being dudes any bearing on whether or not we can talk about SJWs.


A1: This is true. The thread is noted as being a safe space on what is already functionally a safe space.
A2: I don’t really care about the complexities of why people are making fun of people concerned with sexual assault. If you do, that’s weird and ugly and you can leave me out of that.

B: Perhaps he has trouble expressing himself. I had previously asked him to stop doing this kind of thing: maybe that guy doesn’t need to speak to his thoughts on feminism, sexual assault, or women on SRK. In theory this is a place for fighting games: focusing on that and the positives of the community that lead him here in the first place seems way healthier.

C: It’s been a shitty thread, and I while I was hoping against hope that clowns wouldn’t take it to ugly places, that didn’t work out. It’s certainly not necessary for SRK and thus I’m putting an end to it. Note as per first page of that thread everybody was pretty aware that this thread was ugly and probably didn’t need to be on SRK in the first place. The only thing that should surprise you is that that thread was graciously allowed to live as long as it did.

I think there’s a legitimate criticism in that others get punished for SH being a little … … unusual, and had considered that as I decided what to do here. To that I point back to #C - this just isn’t something we need on SRK. There’s other venues for this kind of delightful commentary and insight. Historically you’d see some of it bubbled up in the Lounge, a notoriously not safe space. That seems like a workable solution for people that are concerned that they have something really important they need to share or discuss on SRK. We don’t need a dedicated thread here.


the sjw was not a safe space for anything. that was a joke and nobody ever really complained that sjws posted there to defend themselves.

The sjw thread was very tame and it should be reopened because it’s perfectly fine, even if its a bunch of dudes making fun of the stupidity of the sjw movement, its even ok if the spooky cis-hetero-white males do it too.

it didn’t violate any srk rules.

Can we get a list of things srk doesn’t"need" (whatever the fuck that means)

there’s legitimately no reason to close the thread and its fairly obvious its being closed because of moderator political bias. the topic of social justice is coming up all the time and it doesn’t really fit in with the politics threads because not all sj issues are necessarily about politics. if theres some issue with a specific poster, then deal with them and leave it be.


> the sjw was not a safe space for anything. that was a joke


> Can we get a list of things srk doesn’t"need"

not right now: at some point when I have time I’ll write up a bunch of How Things Work posts to clarify a variety of interesting tidbits on SRK. It’s about midnight and I’m at work, so I’ll cheerily skip along to not doing that right now. It’s on my list, though, actually. But the HTW stuff should come first.

tldr: buncha dudes talking about how terrible women are. generally a bad look

Once you get past clutching your pearls, reread my final paragraph that you evidently missed. Like I said, we don’t need a dedicated thread for it. I think once you dedicate a thread to the subject you invite in random bullshit that you don’t want or need, as happened here.

I think you’re smart enough to get this. :tup:


I started posting in the SJW thread because I liked laughing at the some of the hypocrisy and idiocy that I highlighted in my posts, like people getting upset over a large Division I college football crowd doing the Prime Time Players taunt claiming it was cultural appropriation, an article about feminists disappointed that women were still attracted to wealth and good looks, or that one guy who said that Tekken was sexist and then said that women who play Tekken must be mentally deranged.

There were plenty of things in that thread worthy of ridicule and discussion, moreso than there were topics where it was in bad taste to ridicule someone who had a legitimate gripe.

But that’s my two cents. If that’s the call the admin wants to make, then OK.


I already responded to your last paragraph. I didnt miss it at all. Sj topics are going to keep coming up and we need a thread for it, and political threads aren’t the correct place for it because not all sj issues are about politics. If we post it in the lounge thread then we’re simply going to have very disconnected conversations about topics and it is more likely to stray from any meaningful conversation due to the massive scope of the lounge, all topics are allowed.

the thread is not about making fun of women, the overwhelming majority of posts in the thread had nothing to do with women. it has to do with making fun of over zealous social justice warriors as well as having conversations about social justice ideology/post modernism. all of these have been taking place in the thread.

deal with abusive posters individually, most people used the thread in a reasonable way. There needs to be some degree of objectivity here, you are targeting the thread because of your political alignment and i don’t think anyone is fooled by this. I wonder who made it so the sjw fail thread stopped bumping for a while. You were always looking for a reason.