> we need a thread for it

Agree to disagree.

> it is more likely to stray from any meaningful conversation

It’s not really meaningful conversation in the first place. C’mon, this is SRK. :lol:

> you are targeting the thread because of your political alignment

You clearly do not have a clue as to my background with “SJWs”, and are filling in the gaps based upon your assumptions which is pretty nasty. You’ll also notice that damned near everyone knew right from the get-go that that thread didn’t belong on SRK. So you wanting to attack me because I like SRK and am trying to do right by it seems kinda stupid and nasty. You seem to be suggesting that we should quash this shit right in the bud instead of letting it go as long as it stayed reasonable. Thanks for the input.

> I wonder who made it so the sjw fail thread stopped bumping for a while.

Yeah, me too. All I know is that various threads got Sunk without warning or notice. Given this, I fixed the threads that that had happened to and removed access to it from moderators. Hasn’t been a problem since then. Vanilla has a pretty nasty moderation system, as we saw in the RockB incident. I’m thankful Sink and RockB are the worst problems we’ve had, frankly.

Anyways: Nope, for the reasons I originally noted above.