Modular stick + custom adapters?

I’ve been searching for what I’ve been calling a modular stick with custom adaptors for quite some time now. I remember someone posting it on SRK sometime this past year.

It was an arcade stick that had the buttons and joystick inputs and ground (something like 16 wires) wired to something like a serial port on the front of the stick. He then had a cable that plugged into this serial port with the other end plugging into a custom made adapter for each system. Iirc, he built these custom adapters out of old vhs tape cases. This adapter had the pcb and wiring for a console inside of it and then it had that consoles plug sticking out of the other end of the adapter to plug into said console.

I can’t remember if he posted a tutorial for it, or if it was just a pic or set of pics. If anything, I’d like to find that post again and send a pm to the poster for tips on how to attempt this myself. It’s a great idea and an easily upgradeable mod for future systems.

Can anyone help me? I’ve tried numerous searches with no dice. Perhaps this thread belongs in Tech Talk? I don’t know. I’m just out ideas at the moment.

I think you would get a better response in the Tech Talk forums. This is a forum for newbs to ask questions about gaming.

This should be in the tech forum dude, you’d probably get some better info there.

I understand. My apologies for making this in the wrong place. I was just afraid that what I was talking about was something really simple I’d been missing. I’ll create another thread in Tech Talk.