Modular stick + custom adapters?

I’ve been searching for what I’ve been calling a modular stick with custom adaptors for quite some time now. I remember someone posting it on SRK sometime this past year.

It was an arcade stick that had the buttons and joystick inputs and ground (something like 16 wires) wired to something like a serial port on the front of the stick. He then had a cable that plugged into this serial port with the other end plugging into a custom made adapter for each system. Iirc, he built these custom adapters out of old vhs tape cases. This adapter had the pcb and wiring for a console inside of it and then it had that consoles plug sticking out of the other end of the adapter to plug into said console.

I can’t remember if he posted a tutorial for it, or if it was just a pic or set of pics. If anything, I’d like to find that post again and send a pm to the poster for tips on how to attempt this myself. It’s a great idea and an easily upgradeable mod for future systems.

Can anyone help me? I’ve tried numerous searches with no dice.

All you have to do is get some serial port connectors from an electronics or hardware store and wire the inputs to the corresponding pins. The pins are numbered so you can assign inputs to the corresponding pins.

lol i remember that too! i think it was mojochan hahaha ps2 is pretty much universal so why not?

hahaha sorry the tape thing just cracks me up, and the jdm book of knowledge. i’m waiting for lizardlick and etokki stuff, and answer the question i had for you jdm! just to have something you dont know

What was your question?

I thought was answered. :sad:

i will save for tutorial when my parts come jdm. to op, right now a lot of people are using the neutrik, so u could just get one of those, its pretty much wot youre saying but its in style? a lot of people makes ethernet to wotever system the board ure using is compatible with. gummy is cool about it in trading forum. he does all kinds of crazy stuff maybe even with tapes hahahaha i love that tape adapter i might have to make one to cheer me up :smiley:

Thanks you very much, jdm714! I knew the thread existed, I just never would have thought to call it a “project box”. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about!

Seems a tad more advanced than I originally thought… So I’ll make that a side project for my 3rd stick. Perhaps start with a Mayflash stick, gut it out, put in Sanwa parts and then build project boxes. I’ve already built one ps3 only stick (I can show you pics if wanted), and am in the brainstorming phase for my second one.

Hacksparrow, I saw the neutrik thing you were speaking of and will most likely utilize that idea for this 2nd stick project. Oddly enough it was that idea which made me remember the project box/modular stick.

Out of all the aspects of SRK, I find this stick building stuff quite fascinating. Almost as fascinating as SF games itself, lol ! Loads of Quality info here in Tech Talk! :slight_smile: Just have to remember the terminology.

Also, I saw the prices for the DB15/DB25 connectors online. Very cheap but I wouldn’t mind finding it in a store. Any suggestions as where to find those parts (categories in the Yellow Pages to look up) locally? Radio Shack here has forgotten what put it in business and just wants to sell you a bunch of Cell-phone junk and speakers. :confused:

You want to check out “electronics supply” in your yellow pages. Also give a try. Don’t know if yelp has a bunch of yelpers in your community, but it is good to find good local shit.

I don’t even live in your neighborhood and I found this on Yelp.

Hilarious they are streaming the security cameras. Looks like they are open.

Thanks Rtdzign! I’ll go check that place out this weekend. Their online pdf catalog is confusing as hell. @_@;

Jdm already beat me with the link. Here’s where I order DB15 cables online:

Make sure you get a few because their only shipping option is USPS Priority.

To me the project box sticks is an OCD dream. The stick will work on any system I care to wire with the button mapping of my choice. I have a TE that goes from the NES to PS2 to 360. I also have a Saturn pad that’s wired up similarly. You can do crazy things like use a Saturn pad on the NES. :lol: