Module/bracelet that is able to learn and recognise different finger gestures for gaming


Hello guys, a friend of mine and I are trying to create a bracelet with some sensors that allows people to control other devices with their finger movements ,

I got different doubts about it:

Do you think can be useful for Street Fighter ? It can have a nice impact for change the control of your Characther?

In case it does, how would you realize? a whole bracelet or just a module that can be put under the watchband?

Color? material?
thank you very much guys hope you can help me to sort it out!


… With five fingers how would one hit six commands?

What would measure the spatial control of the directions?

Seems tricky. With as simple as peripheral controls ultimately are the factors that play into registering such things via movement leave alot to take into account.




Are you talking about something similar to this?


Already been done

This hunk of junk (the U-Force) was supposed to turn hand movements into game inputs.


I love the glove. It’s so rad.


fuck that glove