Mojo_Makoto/The 4Day Ibuki Request Thread........*is that right?


ummm let’s see…i’ve been thinking of doing a request thread for a while but i dont like how someone requests an avatar just to use it for a couple weeks then throw it out like yesterday’s slut bag…sigh

oh well:D i guess thats how its gonna be either way…so ill try my hand at making people some avatars…all rules apply here as to the other requests threads but only a certain specs i ask of people who do request:

  1. ive never made an avatar with a sprite…so if i decide to do one for someone ur gonnna have to supply the sprite…sorry

  2. im sure alot have seen my work and if ur not but ur thinking of requesting from me then ill be glad to show u some of my work *mehhhhh i suck btw

  3. uhh…if u dont like the way ur avatar turns out then i guess im sorry:D dont know what else to tell u:lol:

  4. oh yeah and supply pics too…i only have pics of certain chars


sentinel and m-bison, with an a-groove bar and a flashy background

sometihng along the lines of what i got now, just not shitty

sentinel shooting a laser and bison painting it away

thx in advance


hey chi try to find me the sprites u want me to use

ill look around for them but i really dont know where to find some good qual ones…if i find them tho ill hook it up…i hope u dont want another purple background tho


Makoto is growning up so fast :frowning: