MOK 2 Results

Here are the full results. Sorry for the late update to this. Unfortunately, I had to work today, which delayed my ability to go over the brackets and type out the full results. No sleep for the wicked.

TTT2 (You’ll notice that the placements are displaced by one spot. There was a bracket error that I explain at the end.)

  1. YJShin (DJ/Hei)
  2. Sluch (Zafina/Christie)
  3. Mateo (Jack/Feng)
  4. The Hammer (Craig/Ganny)
  5. Antonio
  6. Mr Napkins aka (chi) holli
  7. jimmypikachu
  8. Tick
  9. Sammy
  10. JannaKazama
  11. NoAmbition
  12. Seth Rivers
  13. YouHeDad
  14. Pitch Black
  15. PSC Naranja
  16. Esom
  17. ProDigital
  18. Eric
  19. Tizight
  20. The Nameless Master
  21. Mr Mister
  22. Dr Tom
  23. Tasty PP Juice
  24. marcp20
  25. MysticBill
  26. FOK
  27. Dani
  28. Flex Buff Chest
  29. MKL
  30. Victor Garcia
  31. Spam Guy
  32. PBJ Mixxa
  33. Krispy
  34. gamegenie
  35. AtomicPif
  36. Fuzion
  37. Xiang

[NOTE ON THE BRACKET ERROR: So, it was a simple thing that caused the whole mess. Some late entries got there literally at 1 o’clock that took us over the 32-man threshold. Rather than delay the tourny by rewriting the brackets with an additional 32-man bracket, as should have been done, I made a TERRIBLE decision to make a small appendix bracket and realized too late how much that fucked up the whole process. The result was an extra person at 5th place that displaced all other places by one, i.e. tied for 7th because tied for 8th, tied for 9th becomes tied for 10th, and so on.

I took responsibility at the time, I take it now, and I’ll never give it away. For those that were disappointed or upset (and rightfully so), I apologize. And, although I know it doesn’t make up for the mistake on my part, because there was an additional person at the 5 spot, I paid out to all of top 7.]


  1. Mateo (Mitsu)
  2. jimmypikachu (Leixei)
  3. Fuzion (Pat)
  4. Sluch
  5. Ken
  6. MKL
  7. Mystic
  8. Ora
  9. gamegenie
  10. Esom
  11. Xiang

Persona 4

1). Blank Mauser (Mitsuru)
2) B1argh (Naoto)
3) Ether Lord (Kanji)
4) Jeremy Yon
5) Top Hat
5) Figgy
7) Latino Link
7) PSC Naranja
9) D-Raw
9) gamegenie
9) KCs Notorious
9) kDotLo
13) Austin Oltmans

VF (Done in round robin format, so placings will reflect that)

  1. Chris Yungbluth
  2. Austin Oltmans
  3. Flex Buff Chest
  4. Murphagator
  5. MKL
  6. Dr Tom
  7. Grog
  8. Curtis


  1. Evil Joe (Belaul) (Team Japan)
  2. Prod1gy (Duo Lon/Yuri/Shen)
  3. KC Notorious (Claw Iori/Hwa/Karate)
  4. Jeremy Yon
  5. Murphagator
  6. Top Hat
  7. Sniper Elite
  8. NGamer
  9. Etherlord
  10. Latino Link
  11. Blank
  12. Grog
  13. Uli


  1. NGamer3k (Sakura, Ryu)
  2. Figgy (Honda)
  3. Cities (Guile)
  4. Grog
  5. Sniper Elite
  6. Latino Link
  7. Uli
  8. DGB
  9. Monster Blaze
  10. Schizm
  11. Eric Taylor
  12. AtomicPif


  1. Dekline (DMC)
  2. NG Joker (Task/Vergil/Strider) (Task/Trish/Wesker)
  3. Kuares (Dante/Dorm/Raccoon)
  4. Belaul
  5. KCs Notorious
  6. Hogosha
  7. Bolo
  8. kDotLo
  9. NGamer
  10. Latino Link
  11. Zooz
  12. D-Raw
  13. GQDang
  14. Flex Buff Chest
  15. Monster Blaze
  16. White Fury
  17. Sammy
  18. kint
  19. Figgy
  20. DBG
  21. Matt Vanq


  1. Esom
  2. Flex Buff Chest
  3. Kuares
  4. MKL
  5. Ngamer
  6. kDotLo
  7. Top Hat
  8. Ether Lord
  9. Latino Link
  10. D-Raw
  11. Blank M
  12. kint
  13. Eric
  14. Jeremy Yon
  15. PBJ Mixxa
  16. GQDang
  17. Grog
  18. White Fury
  19. YouHeDad
  20. Figgy
  21. NoAmbition
  22. Zooz
  23. Schizm
  24. Sniper Elite

Well, I just realized I didn’t pack my joystick when I got home, so it’s probably mine. Poop. :frowning: Red and white 8-button stick (QanbaQ4), cord out the left side, picture of a fist behind the buttons? Lemme know. I’ll double-check on the cords tomorrow.

Yup, that sounds about right. We can work out something to get it to you.

Just edited the first post with full results. I know I don’t know as many of the 2D guys as I do the 3D, but I’ll still do some shoutouts.

First and foremost, a special thanks to Mike and Murph for helping run those brackets and managing those setups. I literally wouldn’t have been able to handle that without you guys, so thanks much. And if there’s anything I can help you guys out with in the future, you know where to find me.

Also, special thanks to White Fury for the stream. I know we only put Tekken on there, and that we had some issues with it, but it’s still a step in the right direction, I know how much it occupied you, and I know people were appreciative of it, so thanks.

Next, thanks to everyone who brought a game, system, or screen. I’m not sure exactly what belonged to who, but thanks to all of you. Again, without those setups, it just wouldn’t have worked.

Lastly, to everyone I didn’t mention by name, it’s not 'cause I don’t love you. :slight_smile: That being said, thanks to everyone who came out and I’ll keep trying to do it bigger and better.

D-raw was there? dammit now i really hate my job for making me work. and to top it off i got sent home sick. RAGE.

saw some of the archive of ttt2 though. that mishima play was sick

Yeah, that was our resident Korean, lol.

I’m noticing a pattern in my tournament rankings. I should change my name to “D-Raw the 9th”.

Really great tournament. D-Raw has been defeated from his string of raffle victories.