Mokoto's 100% stun combo, Need Assistance here

Hey people, I’m new to the site, and I have a problem(who doesn’t) with the fighting game “lingual” posted on new threads. Can anyone tell me what kara means?

I’m refering to Makoto 100% stun combo. When you kara-mp fukiage. I have no clue how to perform a Kara, can anyone help?

oh and one more thing, Dash Cancels(how are they performed)?

Thongboy bebops tutorial helped me alot on learning how to kara throw and other stuff


there are a billion threads ands posts on this. use the search function or browse through the two stickies.

First off welcome to the club. 2nd, kara means to “Cancel.” Its kinda funny I have seen the kara fukiage question all over this forum. Your best best is to check here for all the kara questions. But as far as the 100% you may want to 1st practice the kara on the MP fukiage, once you get that then try the whole thing. Its pretty simple. First do the fukiage motion. Then let go of the stick(Briefly) then drum HK then MP.

This posting under the Makoto section. It also has the 100% stun vid in what the kara fukiage LOOKS like to download from file front. - hello i’m new here, kara fukiage question…