Mokujin Arcade Stick For a newbie


Alright this is my first time post, and I’m sure you guys are all sick of newbies asking dumb questions. I have read the FAQ and stickys on here, so i hope I’m not a totally clueless. But i apologize ahead of time if I’m in the wrong section or posting something i shouldn’t be.

That being said, I want to make a fight stick. Just like every other person on the internet, and like most of them i don’t know how or have any skills. I do own a number fight sticks and have done some research. Right now i was thinking of taking my Madcatz Street fighter 4 TE fightstick, and getting some new buttons and a new joy stick for it. Pretty easy modification. The hard part is that i was hoping to get a wooden box, and puts the TE sticks guts in their, and make that the casing instead of the TE casing. The reason for this would be to resemble the character Mokujin from Tekken, seeing he is made from wood. I’m not looking for a dream arcade stick for cheap money. I know the time and cash it will take. I’m not looking for something tournament quality. I’m looking for a fun stick to use at home, and look nice on my shelf. I’m looking for a fun and challenging project.

So my question is: can i take the guts out of my SE fight stick and throw it into a wooden box, and throw some sanwa parts on it, without the whole learning to be a engineer part? Any suggestions? And thank you for the helpfulness you’ve all provided at this site. Its a great site.


Ok, so you said you read the stickies, but since I’m not sure about how much you know already I think you should start reading THIS completely and then you can ask around. You will find a lot of useful information. It’s a must read for anyone trying to build a stick.

About your question, I’m not familiarized with the SE, but I don’t think it will be that hard to do what you want.

Edit: Lol, Darksakul beat me to it and this is a duplicate thread. Can a mod please close this?