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*last updated 11/14/09

**Caution: You will NOT ‘master’ a character here. In the Moku-Threads, you will only learn the necessities of being effective in the most basic sense. Your drive coupled with training mode and your time spent with Tekken overall will be the deciding factors in reaching that ‘next’ level.

The Story of Mokujin
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Alright guys, everyone has their own reason for playing Mokujin, whether it be something as simple as they like the sound of the wood as he attacks, is hit, and what have you; to something as deep as having a ‘style in no style’. If you’re interested, my reasons happen to be that I like the combo variety of the game and the diversity he brings to casuals =)

In getting this thread started strat-wise, first off is easy:

Identify the character you are mimicking.

One of the most efficient methods would be to just familiarize yourself with their stance at the start of the match. Here is the list of chars from A to Z with a brief vid example and short description of such:

[media=youtube]bBu6iv6PiCk[/media] - standing upright; arms hanging at sides; bent leg


[url=]A.King](]Anna[/url) -


[url=]Alisa](]Asuka[/url) -


[url=]Bob](]Baek[/url) -


[url=]Bryan](]Bruce[/url) -


[url=]C.Marduk](]Christie/Eddy[/url) -


[url=]Feng](]DJin[/url) -

Ganryu -


[url=]Hwoarang](]Heihachi[/url) -


[url=]Jin](]Jack-6[/url) -


[url=]Kazuya](]Julia[/url) -


[url=]Kuma/Panda](]King[/url) -


[url=]Lee](]Lars[/url) -


[url=]Leo](]Lei[/url) -

[media=youtube]yaz8lrg_zbI&feature=PlayList&p=8F372734FC7C9A18&index=17[/media] - stands with very good posture…she is tall so look for really long legs…she has one hand very high up and close to her face with the other near her mid-section


[url=]M.Law](]Ling[/url) -


[url=]Nina](]Miguel[/url) -


[url=]Raven](]Paul[/url) -



Now let’s note some of the more universal aspects of Tekken that do not change too drastically from character to character:

*major props to LevelUpYourGame

[url=http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=113442]Props to Brahma](]Roger Jr[/url)
*continue to peruse this as you grow your character knowledge

a neat resource
a 2nd neat resource
*MYK is the man

The Moku_Card


This is it. Let the journey begin. If anyone is up to it before I get to said character, feel free to post up with a Moku Card that has as much info as possible filled in.

clikkity clank

Essential Strategy

So, it should be more than obvious that you can’t just start off using Moku. If you do, your game won’t even be basic, but pure elementary. You MUST spend a bit of time with every character first to gain some general idea of your approach to the match.











Just picked Mokujin and the first character goes to:

Lili. I’ll make this my project for the next 30mins. Her Moku_Card should be good to go soon…

I gave up the title of east coast Mokujin with the release of tekken 6, you have a tall mountain to climb judge, very large shoes to fill, this is quite a legacy.

:open_mouth: Why would you do such a thing? Well, I can imagine having small changes done here and there to every character in between sequels can be a pain :S

continues to climb with no end in sight

EDIT: Actually, with the new simplification, everything seems ok now. =P

Random Moku pick goes to:


Her Moku_Card should be done before tomorrow night.

Yet to confirm this myself, but these are some of the responses I have gotten for Anna’s card:

Whiff Punishment: f2+3_ff3_df2_ff1+2?

Ideal Throw: df,df+1, uf1+2(only for wall hit)

Homing Move: b4

Pressure Mid: df1_df12_

Staple Parry Combo: df1,df32

Staple W!: 2,df1,f2+3_2df123_df32,f2+3

Hits Grounded: uf3+4 is more consistant then FC f2_ FC df2, and better recovery than db3

So I’ve been thinking about creating the “Ultimate Mokujin Guide.” It would contain the most optimal combos and viable strats. Should I go for it?

go for it. it could be interesting

i don’t play mokujin competitively, although i could definitely see the competitive benifits of playing as a character who’s moveset changes between rounds, but i do play him/her casually and i’m really good at recognizing who he’s mimicking so i figured i’d fill in some of the character stances i know

Bob- hands brought up to chest height akido, constantly wringing one fist as though in pain

Kuma/Panda - back heavily arched hands hanging straight down in front like the missing link

Nina - hands at face level moving back and forth with good straight posture

King - slouched high shoulder area, hands extended at chest level, standing on toes shifting wieght from one foot to the other

Raven - low to the ground hands cupped as though throwing a kamehameha, very unique stance

Miguel - a slacking fighting pose, with one arm dropped and the other crooked at his side (not very practical)

Steve - hands brought up to guard face, hops around constantly, drum rolls hands if left idle

Howarang - repeatedly hopping with fists brought up in a basic TKD stance, looks like he’s pressing his chin to his chest due to moku’s lack of neck, also really easy to recognize entrance animations

Druganov - ducked down a bit, with hands almost in an abel like position which he floats back and forth almost crossing, also shifts his weight and position if left idle

Yoshi and Roger - noticeable instantly from addons to mokujin’s model

if these are useful i’ll add more later when i’m not so tired… also something to consider is the win poses and entrance and exit animations which moku also mimics along with the rest of a character’s moveset so learning those would provide a slight edge when trying to determine who you were imitating… if your one of those ppl who let entrances and exits run thier course