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NeoPixel Ring Support


Ok i’m thinking of ghetto ledmodding one of my sticks. Could i just hotglue two of these to the bottom of a clear sanwa?



3rd party WS2812b

yes, you can pretty much use whatever you see fit.
in fact, i simply use a cut pixel strip rewired for my stick

what you will need to keep in mind is HOW you wired it all together, and then simply use the wiring manager of the application


Ok one more question, i have a UFB. Is powering the arduino achieved by wiring a UFB 5v pin to the Vin pin on the arduino, then the arduino’s 5v pin to the ws2812s? Cheers.



Supplying power

[] will need both VCC and GND from the UFB to the arduino (you can use jumper wires)
] from the arduino just create another 3 wire cable (VCC, GND, DATA) and connect to the corresponding pins on the ws2812b


Ok, i ordered an arduino micro and 20 ws2812bs, cost of about 25€ shipped. Cant wait to try this out!

Structures and Fade

i’m not familiar with your skill level, but thought i would share
it’s a great little utility from the good people at Autodesk.

you can pretty much set up an Arduino / Kaimana and use that as your playground which is pretty cool
here is an example with 2 buttons and 2 ws2812b pixels.

just though this may help you in familiarizing yourself with the hardware


I just look at it like a dual mod except with no dataswitching and the led chain added to it?

#21 example
Kaimana Arduino

although this thread is not really about hardware support, but rather the app itself, i can still answer your question with some guidance

i have created a visual layout for you on
and it looks like this

a few things to consider
[] you will need to power BOTH controller (ps360, ps360+, brooks, whatever) and arduino
] you will need to have each button switch (including joystick) connected to the
[] you will need 2 usb connections (one for the controller to play games, one for the arduino to upload sketches)
] @“Jasen Hicks” solved this with the Kaimana Kameleon LED Driver PCB

connecting the arduino from the brooks
[] use female to female jumper wires
] connect the corresponding pins on the brooks to the arduino (including vcc & gnd)
[*] go crazy

[] you can simplify to 1 usb cable by
] using a dpdt switch and solder the data lines accordingly
[*] using a 2 port usb hub and burry it in your stick (the one from amazon is great since i use a Neutrik NAUSB-W-B A/B USB Feed-Through - Black)

advanced solution
[] buy some Crimp Connector Housing: 2x10 this is for the brooks header side
] buy some Crimp Connector Housing: 1x1-Pin *these are for the arduino side
] buy some Pre-crimped Terminals 50-Piece Rainbow Assortment F-F 12" connection wires for connecting the brooks to the arduino

i am more than happy to help with your hardware setup, feel free to PM me and we can take this offline


Ok thanks.i think i have it pretty much figured out. The arduino is coming from china so will probably take a week or two to get here with free shipping. I also included female to female “dupont” cables with my order for piggybacking from the ufb witch i already have a pin header soldered to.

I also ordered female to male dupont cable. My plan is to make pairs of leds witch i can disconnect from the chain if i want to swap out a button by soldering male dupont cables to the first of the pair then female to the second of the pair. It sounds weird but ill post pics once (if) i get it done, then it should make sense :slight_smile:

Oh yeah im installing this in my trusty old atrox so usb is no problem since i can just open the lid for flashing the arduino.


Razor Mods
including your arduino

too funny, check out my old flickr feed


Lol nice. Are those arceyes or did you manage to insert your led strips on the inside of you button? I was thinking of hotglueing mine to the bottom on the underside, hopeing the light will be sufficient with the led beeing mounted on the outside rather then the inside.
I doubt mine will look this tidy when all is done though.


Razor Mods
images are from 2.5 years ago

as per my most recent build, i’ll take some shots when i get home


Kaimana Redux

I was asked me if i used the Kaimana Github repo code
Well, to an extent, with some modifications

You can take a look at the README.MD in my GitHub

It pretty much explains some of the efficiencies i started baking in

I recommend reading through the readme file linked above, and don’t forget to check out our Compiler as a Service


Quick question before i start soldering my leds together (they should arrive today): it is possible to assign two leds per button right? Not sure how many the testers are using or if two are even needed.


2 leds per button
double index
correct, the current setup is made to match the
[[color=#10cfbd]kaimana standard ](Kaimana RGB LED Board thread, RGB animations and more! SRK Tech Talk 2013 Product of the Year! in witch all main and alt buttons have 2 ws2812b chips per


job cuts
**seasons beatings :heartbreak: **
Good morning Tech Talk members

I recently lost my job.
This double sucks as it is the holiday season and it came without notice.

Long story short, i am a developer by trade (front, middle, back), you can check out my short bio profile on [color=#10cfbd]profile

Currently i am on a frantic search to be able to make it through the holiday season without bootstrapping anything and i have a few good leads.

I by no means am looking for a hand out, but i am looking to establish additional credibility in the industry through my personal projects such as moledcule

What would be awesome from you all at Tech Talk is if you could:

[]visit moledcule site
]download the chrome app
[]create a profile
]create a few themes

Simply asking for 2 minutes of your time

Hey, i am a proud family man and it’s painfully humbling to even ask for this kind of help

thanks in advance for participating
seasons greetings to you all :heart:


Sorry to hear that man, hope you get back on your feet soon. I’ll be creating themes soon as my micro gets here, however, is there any other way to login other then Facebook? I deleted my account years ago. Maybe google+ or somthing would be nice.

In other news, my leds came in today. They actually come pre wired so it looks like ill only have to hotglue them on and solder jumper wires to the end that goes to the arduino. Will post pics when ive installed them.


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