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be merry, be happy
seasons beatings
hey all
we created a special holiday theme for all you joyous cats out there

[color=#FF0000]upload it today](


Alright, my arduino micro finally came in today. Moledcule isnt detecting it however, are there any steps i should take when plugging it in? Keep in mind im not logged in as i have no Facebook.


mac or pc
you may need drivers
hi, if you are on a mac, you should be good to go. if you are on a pc, you will need drivers, check the link [color=#10cfbd]here for PC installation


Sweet its beeing detected now. Total cost of leds + wires + 12 leds = 24€ . Will wire everything up this weekend.


Ubuntu and Windows Fix
We fixed a small issue with serial port connectivity and persistence on Ubuntu Chrome and Window COM ports


Hi. My kaimana board is being idetified but still but not being detected. Any help? I included a link, with a screenshot showing what I mean. Thanks in advance.


are you on 10
windows version
hi there
i am downloading windows 10 now to see whats going on


Version 1.0.2
The Windows 10 fix

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Managed to get the Windows 10 version up and running.



Thank you for the windows 10 update. My device is now connect and I am able to get the themes. For some reason the layout is not in sync, pressing one button lights up another. Before I loaded a theme , everything worked fine. Is there any way to see how the app is reading my board, is there some kind of button check? Thank you


You can rearrange your wiring by dragging the order around under the configuration section. What you have done is a good first step in creating a theme in the colors section

I’ll post a video later


I’m on a standard Kaimana.

Moledcule recognizes it as a USB device.

I put in my wiring order, flash my device and it’s wrong. Every time.

Do I need drivers?

I set it for Kaimana - Led Joystick - Fade on

  • 8 buttons

No luck.


please sen me you
link to your theme
if you take a look here at the [color=#10cfbd]themes list and select your theme. send me the link

it would look something like this


Here it is.


remove the balltop

for now, balltop support is kinda wonky and we are working on it.
simply remove it from you configuration and test that


If I remove the ball top from the sketch, it’s still in the daisy chain.

To get this to work I have to physically disconnect my ball top?

Is there a way to add the fade effect to the standard Kaimana sketch, or export the code for use in an Arduino Leonardo program?


Im using a PFS2.0 w/ a Khameleon. Using Jasen’s boards, what order do I need to put the buttons under wiring order?


Who’s talking about balls
Balltop LED in v1.0.3
That’s right.
After a long delay (sorry, have a FT job now), the almighty balltop color selector is now available!


Nice. Will try it again.


It’s all about to compile
Balltop Hot Fix in v1.0.5
fixed a small compile bug


Fash Original Code
Kaimana Restore - Fix in v1.0.6
fixed a bug that did not allow you to reflash the original Kaimana base code